Lisa Housman (Sweet Wednesday) to Sing at B.GOOD on Dartmouth St.
Event on 2017-10-28 17:00:00
B.GOOD, an international and mission-driven fast casual restaurant chain founded in Boston, announces the “Food with Roots Music Series”.  The music series features local musicians who will tour area B.GOOD restaurants from the end of September through the beginning of November.

With almost 20 various artists performing over six weeks, B.GOOD is giving fresh food its own soundtrack within 11 of its various local locations. Lisa Housman (Sweet Wednesday) is scheduled to perform on Saturday, October 28th from 5-7:30 p.m. (break 6-6:30 p.m.) at 131 Dartmouth St.

Founded in 2003, B.GOOD is an innovative, fast casual, farm-to-table restaurant chain serving “Food with Roots” – sustainably-grown, fresh and wholesome food that is prepared by hand in-house. With 60 locations across the U.S., Canada, Switzerland and Germany, B.GOOD serves a diverse and delicious menu including kale & grain bowls, salads, all-natural local burgers, sides of crisp veggies and oven-finished fries, smoothies and kids’ meals.  By sourcing as much as possible from local, independent farmers and being genuinely committed to social and environmental impact, B.GOOD has a unique connection to the communities the brand calls home.

at B.good restaurant
131 Dartmouth Street
Boston, United States…

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Boston rejoice for the cast of General Hospital are heading there very soon. Fans can expect to see their favorite soap stars as they crash in the newly-renovated Marriot Boston Tremont Hotel this fall.

The event, which will last for two days, will feature daytime celebrities such as Jason Thompson, Greg Vaughan, Bradford Anderson, Jason Gerhardt and Natalia Livingston.

30 year old Jason Thompson, who plays Dr. Patrick Drake on General Hospital, first appeared on the daytime drama in December of 2005. Previously, he appeared in Felicity, Deep Cover and Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane.

34 year old Greg Vaughan, who plays Lucky Spencer on the soap, has previously appeared as Diego Guttierez on The Young and the Restless.

Bradford Anderson, who originated the role of Damian Spinelli on General Hospital in November 2006, is best known for this portrayal. He also appeared as guest on series such as Veronica Mars, Ed and What About Brian.

Natalia Livingston, who was resigned recently, plays Emily Quartermaine on the soap. The 31 year old actress is the replacement of Amber Tamblyn (Joan of Arcadia) on General Hospital in 2003.

Jason Gerhardt, General Hospital’s newest cast member, played Cooper “Three” Barrett in this year’s February Sweeps.

Saturday, September 15 sees the first day of the Boston event. Jason Thompson is scheduled at 9am to 12noon to have breakfast with fans, while Greg Vaughan will be appearing in the afternoon timeslot of 1-4pm. For the late afternoon schedule of 6-9pm, Bradford Anderson will be making his appearance.

Sunday, September 16 sees Natalia Livingston opening the day with a three hour long appearance starting at 9am. Jason Gerhardt will be appearing in the 1-4pm timeslot.

The General Hospital Fan Club has already reserved a block of rooms at the Marriot Tremont, amounting to $119 per night. Tickets for the events have been priced at $65 per head, per event. Fans can also get tickets through sending two self-addressed, stamped envelopes and a money order payable to Club President Debby O’Conner, according to Fans can also check out, the official website of the club, and purchase tickets through PayPal. All ticket sales are final.

For more resources about General Hospital or for the full story of General Hospital Stars Going to Boston please review this link

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It is once said that almost 80% of the world sleeps on springs, which means on spring bed-mats. The statement may sound slightly weird in its first appearance but it clarifies the popularity of spring mats all over the world, in best-sold mattress category. In fact, if the advantages of spring mat are thoroughly analyzed, it will be found that a spring mats is perhaps a better option than other popular verities of mats available in market from the common and vital aspects like health, relaxation, and economy, related to bed and its uses. Let’s take a close view on its advantage part.

The reason behind the advantages will be concrete if we trace the history of spring varieties of mat, which are now being used since centuries with unmatched popularity, and are available in all leading stores dealing with beds and beds-accessories. In old days, these mattresses were somehow like stuffed mats. The idea of incorporation of springs in this mattress was introduced in 19th century, and these springs started working as filler. The presence of springs was the resource point of the firm support for the mat, which is one of the reasons for the comfort issue of the mattress.

Two of the most popular varieties of spring mats are Silentnight beds and rest assured mattresses, which have earned huge popularity between consumers in terms of comfort and longer service life.

Although spring mattresses are all about springs, there are different types of spring mattresses and these are available under different brand names. It is always wise to search for best popular categories of spring mats in different online stores; users’ reviews are one of the great resources to know details about different brands of mats, their comfort level, average service life, and justifiability of the price along with its quality and sizes.

However, irrespective of their brand names, spring bed-mats are mostly different due to their coil arrangements.

One of the most common coil arrangements are Bonnel coils, these coils are shaped like an hour glass. The end points of the wires remain knotted and wrapped around the bottom and on the top circular points. For best assurance on comfort level each of the coils are wrapped by certain textile materials. Marshall Coils remain wrapped within certain fabric encasement and these are usually available in tampered condition.

Offset coils are another option for coils arrangement for spring type bed-mats and these coil arrangements are made in order to produce better support for the user as per the individual shape of body. This spring arrangement is best for kids’ beds and single bed mat arrangement. Continuous coils are again one of the best and dependable spring arrangements in spring mattresses; these coils produce hinging effect similar to offset coils. These springs are continuous piece of metal which forms one row in a regular up and down formation.

The benefits of spring mats are multifacted. Some of these benefits are

1. It is one of the most affordable options for mattress.

2. These mats produce equal support on the whole contour of body thus are considered as ideal options for double beds mattresses.

3. Due to spring arrangement, spring mats offer in general most extended service period hence is a great option for economy bed-mats.

Your choice of metal beds, bed frames, or leather bed frame is best met at the Mattress Planet.

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Cheap Colorado spring hotels provide the kind of service along with facilities that are cleanly unparalleled and top-notch. This is sure to ensure that your most awaited a desired trip to Boston turns out to be completely worth while and makes your trip much more enjoyable and comfortable. It is sure that each and every visitor to Boston would like to enjoy this type of atmosphere and environment where tourist are not made to feel smothered and invading their privacy. Well talking about that Boston features some of the best cheap Boston hotels that provide accommodation at the most convenient locations also features some exclusive and posh restaurants, bars, and coffee shop. The conference and banquet hall and leisure facilities are up to the score and supposed to be as ideal places to have a get together.

Some of the cheap Colorado Spring hotels feature own personalized immense portrait gallery along with a contemporary restaurant. More than hundred of classy rooms and suites these kinds of hotels suit the needs of the customers and clients. You could choose from the superior and deluxe rooms and the super deluxe rooms. It goes without saying that the deluxe rooms feature more luxury and are quite perfect with exceptional bathrooms and stunning views. Cheap hotels generally offer many facilities such as luxury shopping, café, restaurants and bars with great accommodation tariffs which works out for more than a large crowd.

If you are ever considering a trip to Colorado, make sure that you indulge in prior bookings as during the season time it is slightly difficult to accommodate yourself here. The diversity in hotels is vast. You are sure to end up in a nice and cheap hotel that you have in mind that will also offer great warmth and make your stay more than convenient.

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Tom Rush
Event on 2017-10-21 20:00:00

Tom Rush is a gifted musician and performer, whose shows offer a musical celebration . . . a journey into the tradition and spectrum of what music has been, can be, and will become. His distinctive guitar style, wry humor and warm, expressive voice have made him both a legend and a lure to audiences around the world. His shows are filled with the rib-aching laughter of terrific story-telling, the sweet melancholy of ballads and the passion of gritty blues.

Rush’s impact on the American music scene has been profound. He helped shape the folk revival in the ’60s and the renaissance of the ’80s and ’90s, his music having left its stamp on generations of artists. James Taylor told Rolling Stone, “Tom was not only one of my early heroes, but also one of my main influences.” Country music star Garth Brooks has credited Rush with being one of his top five musical influences. Rush has long championed emerging artists. His early recordings introduced the world to the work of Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne and James Taylor, and in more recent years his Club 47 concerts have brought artists such as Nanci Griffith and Shawn Colvin to wider audiences when they were just beginning to build their own reputations.

Tom Rush began his musical career in the early ’60s playing the Boston-area clubs while a Harvard student. The Club 47 was the flagship of the coffee house fleet, and he was soon holding down a weekly spot there, learning from the legendary artists who came to play, honing his skills and growing into his talent. He had released two albums by the time he graduated.

Rush displayed then, as he does today, an uncanny knack for finding wonderful songs, and writing his own – many of which have become classics re-interpreted by new generations. (It is testimony to the universality of his appeal that his songs have been folk hits, country hits, heavy metal and rap hits.) Signed by Elektra in 1965, Rush made three albums for them, culminating in The Circle Game, which, according to Rolling Stone, ushered in the singer/songwriter era.

In the early ’70s, folk turned to folk-rock, and Rush, ever adaptable, saw more room to stretch out. Recording now for Columbia, he toured tirelessly with a five man band, playing concerts across the country. Endless promotional tours, interviews, television appearances, and recording sessions added up to five very successful but exhausting years, after which Tom decided to take a break and “recharge” his creative side at his New Hampshire farm.

Rush returned with a splash in 1981, selling out Boston’s prestigious Symphony Hall in advance. Time off had not only rekindled Rush’s love of music, it had re-ignited music audiences’ love of Rush.

He instinctively knew that his listeners were interested in both the old and the new, and set out to create a musical forum like the Club 47 of the early sixties to allow artists and newcomers to share the same stage. In 1982, he tried it out at Symphony Hall. The show was such a hit it became an annual event, growing to fill two, then three nights, and the Club 47 series was born. Crafting concerts that combined well known artists such as Bonnie Raitt or Emmylou Harris with (then) unknowns like Alison Krauss or Mark O’ Connor, Rush took the show on the road. From the ’80s to the present day, Club 47 events have filled the nation’s finest halls to rave reviews, and have been broadcast as national specials on PBS and NPR.

In 1999, Columbia/Legacy released a Tom Rush retrospective album that covers his recorded musical history from 1962 to the present, including tracks recorded for Columbia, Elektra, Prestige and his independent years. Entitled “The Very Best of Tom Rush: No Regrets”, the 17-track compilation includes as a bonus a brand new Tom Rush composition, “River Song,” which features vocal contributions from Grammy winners Shawn Colvin and Marc Cohn.…

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VmusicBook was created for those who wish to set up and successfully run an independent music business, especially for the URBAN markets such as Hip-Hop, R&B, Drum & Bass and all other Dance genres including UK Grime.

VmusicBook is one of the first music resources of its kind. It is said to be the most comprehensive and detailed directories sold online giving you direct access to 100s of important contacts.

VmusicBook is an invaluable business tool for unsigned talent looking to turn their talents or skills into a legal business. No matter what you do if it is creative and entertaining then this is without doubt for you.

The VmusicBook was made for unsigned artists and musicians, label owners, music producers, songwriters, engineers and mangers. Get your music or songs into television, films and commercials.

Hip-hop has been a very popular form of music since for the last few decades and most people like to listen to it. Even though hip-hop sounds so complicated but it can be learnt easily. You can also learn with the help of e-books. Learning it from the Hip-Hop Music e-Books it a very convenient way and has some other advantages as well.

Where you can find them

There are a large number of websites where you can find the Hip-Hop Music e-Books. Generally, they are not free and you will need to download them first. However, the cost is much lower than an actual Hip-Hop music book. Thus, the e-books will also save some money.

How are they useful

The Hip-Hop Music e-Books can be used in the same way and to the same effect as the conventional books. Moreover, e-book versions of the popular conventional books for learning Hip-Hop music are available. Therefore, if you want you can also use such e-books.

What e-Books provide

• You will get all the information about Hip-Hop music through the Hip-Hop Music e-Books. They teach you right from the beginning i.e. what Hip-Hop music is, why people like it, the different aspects involved in Hip-Hop music like raps, turntable, music instruments, the human beat boxing, etc.

• The music instruments like drum machine, sampler, and synthesizer are not at all difficult to learn. You will be able to learn them within no time with the help of Hip-Hop Music e-Books. E-books offer a lot of training on playing instruments. They also have some samples for better understanding and learning. Breath beats also are very important in Hip-Hop music and the e-books will teach you to effectively use breath beats while playing Hip-Hop music.

• Rapping is the most crucial as well as difficult aspect of Hip-Hop music. To learn rapping you will need some time, understanding the different things related to rapping. Therefore, it cannot be learnt from a professional. Just observation of rapping in the popular hip-hop music tracks and along with it, the e-books are helpful for this purpose. The Hip-Hop Music e-Books will provide you the basics, tips, as well as number of samples along with analysis of raps.

• In addition to teaching you Hip-Hop music, the Hip-Hop Music e-Books will also provide you information about how you can get into the Hip-Hop industry. This is important because, there are several important things, which you need to know about the Hip-Hop industry before you enter into it.


There are several advantages of Hip-Hop Music e-Books. They are available in different formats and therefore you they can be easily downloaded on your computer. As you may know, e-books do not require much storage space and about 500 e-books can be stored on a single CD.

Moreover reading the e-books is much more convenient than the paper books.…

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