There is a saying that music makes the world go around. This is most certainly true as you can hear many different forms of music just about every place that you visit. One of the newest ways that music can be listened to is via the internet. The AOL Radio station is just one of the many online radio stations that you can listen to.

While there are some internet stations that require you to be a member before you can enjoy the privilege of hearing their music AOL Radio has facilities for their non-members to enjoy listening to great music. The inception of AOL Radio began in March 1996.

Originally this radio station was called Spinner. At this time Spinner was not a part of the AOL Company. Instead it was an independent radio station that provided over 60 different music channels. The listeners were able to uninterrupted streaming music over their computer’s music player.

This company was bought over by AOL. Spinner started two new radio stations. These were Radio@AOL and Radio@netscape. The Radio@AOL was created for the members of AOL to enjoy listening to great music. The other radio station was designed specifically for non-members. As a result of these two online radio stations AOL Radio was now able to reach even more listeners.

When you log on to the AOL Radio you will find that the home page presents you with a wide array of music choices. These will range from classics to country to rock to R& B. you will also find new albums which have great songs for the listener’s of AOL Radio get to hear. Since you will be playing this great music on your computer’s internet connection you will need to have a connection that is compatible with the settings of AOL Radio.

You can use AOL radio if your computer has the ability of using Internet Explorer 5.5 and higher, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. You can also FireFox, Netscape and of course AOL to access this online radio service. The many great items that are found on various online radio stations like AOL Radio allow listeners to enjoy music from across the board. The choice of becoming a member or not it up to the many individuals.

The one thing that comes across clearly with the use of AOL radio is that you can listen to over 200 different streaming musical channels 24 hours a day. This service is also available every day of the week.

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A few nice springfield images I found:

2015 Lavender Graduation
Image by Illinois Springfield
UIS students took part in Lavender Graduation on campus. The cultural celebration recognizes lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, and allied (LGBTQA) students of all backgrounds, as well as allied faculty and staff.

2015 Lavender Graduation
Image by Illinois Springfield
UIS students took part in Lavender Graduation on campus. The cultural celebration recognizes lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, and allied (LGBTQA) students of all backgrounds, as well as allied faculty and staff.

2015 Lavender Graduation
Image by Illinois Springfield
UIS students took part in Lavender Graduation on campus. The cultural celebration recognizes lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, and allied (LGBTQA) students of all backgrounds, as well as allied faculty and staff. …

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Improv Comedy Night at Tulsa Area Talent Tuesdays
Event on 2017-02-21 20:00:00
Blue Dome Social Club will be hosting a night of improvised comedy for Tulsa Area Talent Tuesdays (TATT) at Mainline Art & Cocktails located 111 N Main Street in downtown Tulsa, Tuesday, February 21st at 8pm.

Joining the Blue Dome Social Club troupe is a local improv duo, 2 Guys & Pie featuring Jordan Hunter and Matthew Griffin (who most recently portrayed Black Stache in Theatre Tulsa's Peter and the Starcatcher). Also performing is Checkmates, the brainchild of Blue Domer and Improv Boston-trained Nick Brownrigg. Checkmates improvised comedy uses short form to inspire their long form improvised scenes.

Host troupe, Blue Dome Social Club, is made up of local improvisers who have not only trained and performed in Tulsa, but also in Boston, Pittsburgh and Chicago. Their improvised comedy scenes will be inspired by the favorite songs of audience members.

Admission to TATT at Mainline Art & Cocktails is free. Must be 21+. Shows may contain adult content.

For more information, Blue Dome Social Club via FaceBook.

at Mainline Art Bar
111 N. Main Street Ste. C
Tulsa, United States…

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For many years, scholars have recognized the link between a good breakfast and improved student behavior and academic performance. Boston schools see breakfast as their first tool of success.

In 2000, the Boston schools partnered with the Massachusetts General Hospital to conduct a study on the impact of the federal School Breakfast Program in 16 of their elementary schools. Researchers found that a simple breakfast of milk, juice and cereal provides a fourth of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of key nutrients needed by growing children. Breakfast reduces hunger in the classroom and improves the overall nutrition of the students. They found that student behavior and grades improved, especially in mathematics. Students were able to spend more time on tasks and were more creative. Attendance improved. Students demonstrated better concentration facilities and improved emotional functioning. Trips to the nurse’s office were drastically reduced.

Breakfast is by far the least expensive program for improving academic achievement, yet less than half the children eligible for the free or reduced price meals participate nationwide. One major obstacle is perception — breakfast programs are viewed as programs for the “poor kids”, a label many students wish to avoid. The other major obstacle is timing. Most schools across the country serve breakfast before the start of school — children who arrive late due to tight morning schedules or on buses that are late, miss breakfast.

Many of the Boston schools have implemented innovative strategies to overcome the obstacles of perception and timing:

• Nearly 80 elementary schools now offer a universal breakfast — all children eat together for free. The “poor kid” stigma has been eliminated.
• Participating Boston schools make breakfast a normal and expected part of the morning schedule — no different than taking attendance.
• Boston schools serve breakfast in a variety of ways, using the method that works best for each individual school’s culture. Methods range from serving cold or hot food in the classroom from a cooler or thermal pack; grab and go, brown bag breakfasts; sending students to the cafeteria after attendance; or a combination of these approaches.
• Involving the children makes the program more successful. Children rotating being in charge of food delivery to the classroom, after-breakfast trash removal, and returning leftovers to the cafeteria instills pride and responsibility. They become part of the program, not just participants.

The Boston schools have been recognized for their efforts in the School Breakfast Program. Project Bread, the state’s leading anti-hunger organization and Boston schools partner in the School Breakfast Program, awards Boston schools that have achieved an 80 percent or greater student participation — the point at which the breakfast program pays for itself with federal dollars.

In 2002, Project Bread recognized 10 elementary schools with the School Breakfast Excellence Award. Each award is $1,000 that the school’s principal can use for any school-related expense.

The Boston schools have found that when their educators make it a priority and part of the daily schedule, it is more acceptable to the students and has a better chance to succeed. Breakfast is such an inexpensive way for Boston schools to achieve substantial academic results — especially in the children who need it the most.

This information on Boston schools is brought to you by

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Design Thinking: Manos y mente a la obra
Event on 2017-02-20 18:00:00
Perfil del asistente: Administradores de proyectos, programadores, creativos, diseñadores Estamos en los primeros meses del 2017 y el comienzo de un año implica propósitos personales que son el motor que nos llevan hacia la superación personal en diversos aspectos de nuestra vida. A las organizaciones les sucede lo mismo, el inicio del año es el momento de la implementación, del rediseño, de cambios, de cambios de dirección, etcétera en pro del crecimiento y desarrollo. Te invitamos este 20 de febrero a nuestra primer conferencia sobre Design Thinking, la metodología que está revolucionando la forma en la que desarrollamos nuevos procesos, servicios y productos para lograr en el cliente su entera satisfacción de sus necesidades y emociones. Temario: ¿Qué es Design Thinking? El pensamiento disrruptivo El efecto Ahá, wow y Eureka DEL FACILITADOR: CAROLINA SALAZAR  Se encuentra realizado su Posgrade Certificación en Innovación en Stanford University. Estudio Design Thinking en Harvard University. Creative Problem Solving en Business School en ESADE Barcelona. Business Marketing en Strategy en Japón. Business Network en Hyderabad India. Leadership Training  en Boston University USA. Design Thinking Hasso Plattner Postdam Berlín Alemania Storytelling Influencer by IDEOU San Francisco USA Es CPSI Trainer Global y Consultor certificado por la Creative Educational Foundation en USA .( CEF ) Ha otorgado diversas conferencias a lo largo del Mundo como Suecia, USA, Canadá, España, Ecuador, Colombia , India y Japón .  Trabaja exitosamente en desarrollar procesos de Consultoría. Estrategias y Procesos en Innovación  en Servicios , Productos y en Capital Humano a través de:, Business Model , Design Thinking y Creatividad con empresas de Servicios, Retail, Farma , Salud , Automotriz, Hotelera, y más  a lo largo del Mundo ; en  empresas como VW, Primero Mining , Continental , Novartis, Pfizer , Televisa, INE AMIIF, Boringheilhiem , AXA, UAG,Ibero, Grupo Kuo ,Doing Korea Lülea Municcipalitte  y muchas más.  Es autora del 1.- Manual en Español de Creatividad Aplicada a los Negocios . 2.- Innovator Tool Kit 3.- Design Thinking para la Innovación Empresarial

at TelmexHub
Isabel la Católica 51, Cuauhtémoc, Centro
Mexico City, Mexico…

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Lots of Americans would love to go watch a horse show. The major drawback for those with respiratory problems is arena dust. This dust is not only dangerous to the spectators and riders, but also the horses.

Arena dust occurs when the base of an arena is not properly compacted or has become mixed with the soil that is used. For an average arena, a normal year’s wear and tear will only wear the surface down 1/8 of an inch. As the surface becomes more used, the dirt is reduced down more and more until the particles are small enough to become airborne.

Sometimes unwashed sand is used to cover the arena floor, but it does not produce dust because the particles are of adequate size to not become airborne. Another benefit of unwashed sand is that it contains from 10 percent to 30 percent clay. Clay is a small particle that can easily become airborne, but it has other qualities that reduce the amount of the dust. One is that clay has the capability to bind with other particles in the sand. This helps to minimize the smaller particles that could become airborne that are in with the sand.

A liquid that is used to minimize arena dust is water. This is an effective method, but it is a temporary solution. To increase its potency, it must be done in significant quantities. In most cases, if water is soaked down two inches, this will be sufficient enough until the moisture evaporates. For most arenas to control dust, not only can they make use of water, but they could also use salt.

The most common salts are calcium or magnesium chloride. The physical properties of these salts are what make them compatible with water. This is their “hydroscopic properties” or ability to absorb moisture. Unfortunately, there is a risk that is associated with calcium chloride and its caustic effect on the horses and a rider’s skin. Magnesium chloride is the recommended salt. As an added precaution, it is recommended that the horse’s lower legs and hooves be washed down after being in an arena treated with magnesium salts.

There are other dust suppressors for an arena, but magnesium chloride combined with water is the most efficient solution to combat arena dust.

Additional information can be found regarding how erosion control plants can be used to keep dust contained, especially in construction areas where dust is most prevalent. Check out the Dust Stop Zone for more Free information.

More Springfield Articles

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CODE RED Official Launch: Minorities and Diversity Advocates in Tech
Event on 2017-02-23 18:30:00
CODE RED is a community of minority founders, entrepreneurs, senior executives, and investors from across the globe who are passionate about diversity and inclusion.  Join us on Thursday, February 23rd @ District Hall for the official launch of this new platform purposed with catalyzing a movement of belonging in the tech industry.   EVENT DETAILS No agenda. No frills. Just a room full of talent making the tech community go round. (We had to…) Thu Feb 23rd @ 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.@ District Hall | 75 Northern Avenue, Boston, MA 6:30-7:00 pm Guests Arrive7:00-8:00 pm Networking, Fun8:00 pm Introducing CODE RED8:30 More Networking, More Fun NOMINATE A MINORITY OR DIVERSITY ADVOCATE IN TECH TO ATTEND We've invited some of our favorite thought leaders and organizations to attend the launch. Each invitee has uniquely demonstrated their commitment to ensuring that people of color, women, members of the LGBTQ community, and other minorities are recognized and celebrated as part of the tech sector's growth story.  Know a minority leader and/or diversity advocate that should be attending? Nominate Them Here.    STARTUP COMMUNITY  Startups / Organizations: Consider sponsoring the attendance of people of color, women, LGBTQ, or other underrepresented groups in your organization. Email for more details.  Investors: We're planning a series of lightning demo days for select investors in the Greater Boston area. If your firm is interested in sponsoring an event please email 

at District Hall
75 Northern Ave
Boston, United States…

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Though the odds are never exactly in your favor, there is still always a chance that you can win with the Massachusetts state lottery. From instant win games and Keno to Megabucks and Mega Millions, the Mass lottery has something to offer for just about everyone. You can play the Mass state lottery for as little as a dollar, making it a fun and affordable way to spend a little extra cash every week.

The Cash Winfall game is a popular one with Mass lottery players. The jackpot for the game can range anywhere from five hundred thousand to two million dollars. You can hit the jackpot if you guess all of six of the winning lottery numbers. These numbers fall between one and forty-six. If you match five out of the six, you can win four thousand dollars, and the prize for getting four out of six correct is one hundred and fifty dollars. If you guess two correct lottery numbers in the Cash Winfall game, you win yourself one free bet to use on the next drawing.

Another popular Mass state lottery game is Keno. Keno drawings are held every four minutes, making it a fast-paced and exciting way to participate in the Massachusetts state lottery. During each drawing, twenty numbers are chosen. These numbers range anywhere from one to eighty. When you choose the numbers you would like to play, you must also decide on a wager. You can bet one, two, five ten or twenty dollars on each game and your winnings are derived from the amount that you bet. Each ticket lists the chosen numbers and the date and time of the drawing that the ticket is for. When you purchase a Massachusetts state lottery ticket, it is important to sign the back to show that you are the sole owner of the ticket and that only you can claim the prize.

The Massachusetts lottery offers a variety of games besides the multi state Mega Millions lottery. There are the Cash Winfall with a prize of $500,000.00, the MassCash with a prize of $100,000.00, the Numbers Game, and Keno. The Massachusetts lottery offers players the unusual option of season tickets where players pay about $25.00 for a special ticket that entitles them to play games several times. The money generated by the lottery is given to cities and towns to spend as they see fit. The Massachusetts lottery site is very user friendly and has all the information a potential player would need.

Jeffrey Davis is a Expert on Online Lotteries and a marketing executive at Triumph Marketing, you can find more of Jeff’s lottery articles and buy real lottery tickets at

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Systemic Racism & The Legacy Of Education
Event on 2017-02-20 18:30:00
Throughout Metro-Boston, as well as nationally, the reality that local schools, K-12 and colleges alike, have been failing students through oppressive policies is overwhelming. This 5-week course is designed to support educators, teachers, parents, administrators, para-professionals, after-school staff, and related service providers, in understanding the systems at play enforcing racism from interal bias to ideology. The course will support the construction of strategy and action plans that participants will bring into the classroom and beyond, as well as direct skill building in how to organize their peers in the schools and enable them to show up for their students and their communities.  (5 Mondays) 2/20 through 3/20 (6:30 – 8:30 pm) *Pre-registration required*: cost on a sliding scale is . As needed to request sliding-scale tickets please e-mail 

at The Democracy Center
45 Mount Auburn Street
Cambridge, United States…

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