Ceramics Date Night
Event on 2017-07-28 18:30:00

Kick off your weekend at the BAC! Take your date to the ceramics studio and learn to make your own pots together. Bring light refreshments to enjoy as your teacher guides you through the basics of the wheel and handbuilding. Everyone will create two pots to be glazed and fired. Price listed is for two participants.

at Holiday Inn Boston-Brookline
1200 Beacon Street
Brookline, United States…

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Some cool boston college images:

[Student engaged in outdoor conversation on Boston College campus]
boston college
Image by Burns Library, Boston College
Date: [1980-1995?] Genre: black-and-white prints (photographs)
Size of original: 12.9 x 19.7 cm.
Digital origin: Reformatted digital
Source of title: Supplied by Cataloger
Image Identifier: bc0000143

Boston College Commencement Ball–4
boston college
Image by tarekreedphotos

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Check out these springfield images:

2015 UIS Homecoming
Image by Illinois Springfield
Homecoming week kicked off with a pep rally at TRAC where athletes were introduced and some teams performed for the audience.

2016 STARS Symposium
Image by Illinois Springfield
STARS is a two-day event at UIS showcasing student research and creative activities from the academic year.

2015 UIS Homecoming
Image by Illinois Springfield
Homecoming week kicked off with a pep rally at TRAC where athletes were introduced and some teams performed for the audience.…

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Do you need someone to assist your business in operating and maintaining its IT (Information Technology) system? Here is why you should consider hiring a local Boston mass it consultant.

Today, virtually every business you can think of lives or dies by its IT system. Such systems are highly complex, with many interlocking components – if one part of the system goes down, it will invariably affect the whole. With a certified expert from a Mass IT company, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your system is being managed properly.

Why not have your own people deal with these issues rather than outsource the work to one of the many it companies in boston? Your business may indeed have its own in-house IT department, and the IT staff may have worked very well and made valuable contributions over the years. But consider the effect this is having on your bottom line. In today’s no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners business environment, yours needs every possible advantage.

When you hire a Boston IT specialist to operate and maintain your systems, you do not have to provide health care benefits, retirement plans, or paid vacations that such workers generally require. These are operating costs that cut into the company’s profits, eating into shareholders’ dividends and investors’ returns. Outsourcing your IT maintenance to a Mass. IT contractor means greater profitability – and if you are the CEO, in all probability a substantial increase in your salary.

Of course there is the issue of control. Some corporate heads are reluctant to outsource certain sectors of the company because technically, these contractors are not on payroll. Consider however that supervision is also an expense, often requiring the expensive assistance of middle management. Outsourcing your IT needs to your independent Boston IT contracting firm means your company no longer needs to deal with those responsibilities. Of course, such a company will have one or more persons on site if the client company’s management wishes it, but these people are accountable to the contractor, who will take care of any problems that may arise.

Because of its location and proximity to M.I.T., there is no shortage of qualified IT companies in Boston. You’ll want to check out several of these; ask for references, find out what they have accomplished for other clients and so forth. Once you have made the decision to outsource your technology to a qualified Boston IT company however, you’ll soon see the difference in your company’s bottom line – and wonder why you waited so long.

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The Pedal Party!
Event on 2017-07-27 18:00:00
Get on your bikes and ride! Or just walk to the Serafina Restaurant in Boston – they call themselves “Casual Italian Dining” – I call them “Brick Oven Pizza Magicians”. Bring yourself and your fun friends to this cocktail party for a good cause. What’s the cause: to help pediatric patients at Boston Medical Center who are witnesses to violence. What's the "Child Witness to Violence" Program?  A therapeutic, advocacy, and outreach project from the Boston Medical Center that focuses on the growing number of young children who are hidden victims of domestic and community violence and other trauma-related events. When is this fun event: Thursday, July 27th, 6pm – 9pm How does my money help: It goes to sponsor a Boredom Busters team that is participating in the Rodman Ride for Kids. What’s the Rodman Ride for Kids: It’s the reason this is a pedal party! It’s a bike ride where people raise money to fund over 50 charities for children – 100% of this team’s funds will go to the “Child Witness to Violence” Boston Medical Center Program. What should I wear: Bike shorts and a helmet. Only. Just kidding. Wear your favorite shirt and all the necessary clothes. Is there an Early Bird Special: Yes, Can I buy tickets at the door: Yeah but it’s going to cost . What’s the standard price: . Will people be super nice to me at the beginning and then guilt-trip me with the 1997 Sarah McLachlan hit “Arms of an Angel”, while playing a slideshow that dissolves in and out with pictures of sad puppies: No. Buy a ticket, and that’s your contribution. There will also be a raffle, and you can buy some of those as well. And if you want, you can donate above and beyond here.

at Serafina Boston
10 High St
Boston, United States…

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*** Click Here to Search Massachusetts Public Records Now ***

Massachusetts Public Records are now available on the internet. You can search Massachusetts Public Records by using one of the links on this page. If you want to find public record information about someone from Massachusetts, you have come to the right place. Using an online public records database, you can find any Massachusetts Public Record within 5 minutes. Don’t wait – start searching Massachusetts Public Records right now by using the form below:

Public records refers to information that has been filed or recorded by local, state, federal or other government agencies, such as vital records, criminal records, birth records, death records and many other types of records. You can also use public records to locate an individual and find his or her contact information. Public records that are created by the federal and local government are accessible to the public through physical files or online listings. Sometimes you can access Massachusetts Public Records for free, but often this process takes weeks or even months.

Over the last few months, it has become more difficult to find the Massachusetts Public Record that you are looking for. Your best option is to use a public records website, which allows you to search through Massachusetts Public Records for free in less than 15 seconds. A membership at an online public records database usually costs less than $3 per month (less than one cup of coffee) and is a great long term investment in this tough economy. Don’t waste your precious time – use the link below to search the internet for Massachusetts Public Records. I hope these online tools help you find the public record(s) that you are searching for.

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Being a carnivore is freely agreed in my family. My husband and eldest daughter don’t eat red meat, and my youngest can live happily without appearance of meat. It seems to be a challenge to have dinners in our household, but we all make an agreement. For examples, I eat vegetables.



What we do eat a lot of is chicken and eggs. I hate to think how many of these creatures we consume a year and I’m not permitted to ponder that out loud, under threat of chicken disappearing off the table too. The best compromise we’ve come up with is to buy free range chicken that has been slaughtered humanely.


Unfortunately, it is by no means cheaper than ‘normal’ chicken, and isn’t it a shame that the distinction has to be made, but given other items we save on, we spend the extra cash to somewhat alleviate our conscience.


The image we have in mind when we purchase free range chicken is of happy hens strolling around a lovely field eating to their hearts content without a care in the world; until of course they hit the chopping block (that last bit is the part my family doesn’t like to dwell on too much).


It turns out the the term ‘free range’ can be rather loosely applied in many countries. The birds may still be debeaked and while not in cages, only have a square foot or so to move around in. They are crammed into sheds in the thousands and although they have access to the outside, it’s only the chickens close to the door that can get out. Even if they do have external access, it’s often to enclosures that are covered in gravel with no plant material or worse still, just mudbaths mixed with old droppings.


For free range egg laying birds, they are often still subject to malnutrition to increase profitability and live in eternal daylight in order to stimulate egg formation.


So, before you pay out extra money for your free range chicken and eggs, learn more about the farms they come from. You may be in for a bit of a shock. Criteria that your free range chicken and eggs should meet:


Clean housing and shelter from the elements
Protection from predators
No antibiotic use
No growth hormones
Natural foods + addition of vitamins and minerals only as required
The land must have shade, shelter and palatable, sustainable vegetation
No mutilation of beaks and claws
Humane slaughter in the case of meat birds

I can really understand some groups pushing for veganism; although I don’t believe I’ll ever become one. However, I would like to think that the animals I consume have not been tortured in order to provide me with a meal.

Michael Bloch is the author and owner of Green Living Tips.com, an online resource powered by renewable energy offering a wide variety of earth friendly tips, green guides, advice and environment related news to help consumers and business reduce costs, consumption and environmental impact on the planet.

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