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Image from page 463 of “Sub turri = Under the tower : the yearbook of Boston College” (1913)
boston college
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Identifier: subturriundertow1980bost
Title: Sub turri = Under the tower : the yearbook of Boston College
Year: 1913 (1910s)
Authors: Boston College
Subjects: Boston College Boston College
Publisher: [Boston] : The College
Contributing Library: Boston College Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Boston Library Consortium Member Libraries

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., 39 Beechwood Dr., Clifton Park, NY 12065McDonnell, Kenneth J., 20 Codman Rd., Madison, CT 06443McDonough, Marie C, 46 Lodgehill Rd., Hyde Park, MA 02136McElroy, Thomas D., 65 Smith Dr., Westwood, MA 02090McEvoy, Gina M., 49 Smithfield Rd., Waldwick, NJ 07463McCarey, Alice I., 459 Oldstamford Rd., New Canaan, CT 06840McCeady, Kieran F., 23 Compo Parkway, Westport, CT 06880McCillicuddy, Kevin B., 24 Parkerville Rd., Southborough, MA 01772McCinty, Stephen P., 28 Conant St., Acton, MA 01720McGoldrick, Moira, 15 Cabot St., Winchester, MA 01890McGowan, Annmarie, 6 Kennedy Dr., Warwick, Rl 02889McGowan, Catherine M., 269 Huntington Bay Rd., Huntington, NY 11743McGowan, Kerry J., 129 Holliston St., Medway, MA 02053McGrath, Donald G., 905 Orchard Drive, Lewiston, NY 14092McGrath, Kim I., 509 Lockwood Rd., Fairfield, CT 06430McGrath, Michael C, 51 Beechwood Dr., Congers, NY 10920McGuire, Kathryn J., 81 Bailey Dr., North Branford, CT 06471McGuire, Theresa, 375 Church St., Marshfield, MA 02050

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McGuire, Thomas F., 593 Madison St., Fall River, MA 02720McHenry, Matthew |., 65 Dendron Rd., Peacedale, Rl 02879McHugh, Douglas J., 926 South St., Dalton, MA 01226McHugh, Michele T., 77 Chestnut Street, West Newton, MA 02165McHugh, Noreen C, 21 Golfview Rd., Doylestown, PA 18901McHugh, Suzanne M., 26 Park St., Dedham, MA 02026Mclnnis, Karon M., PO Box 361, Woods Hole, MA 02543McKee, Diane E., 464 Conard Dr., Springfield, PA 19064McKenna, Stephen W., 47 Bridge St., Lexington, MA 02173McKenney, Michele M., 340 Tavistock Dr., Medford, N) 08055McKinley, Julie M., 420 Baxter Blvd., Portland, ME 04103McKinney, Kathleen A., 78 Colwell Dr., Dedham, MA 02026McLaughlin, Ann T., 27 Sudbury St., Mayanrd, MA 01754McLaughlin, Daniel J., 94 Sherrin St., Hyde Park, MA 02136McLaughlin, John E., 31 Bowditch Rd., Boston, MA 02130McLaughlin, John R., 8 Frances Rd., Woburn, MA 01801McLaughlin, Maureen P., 24 Hayward Rd., Acton, MA 01720McLaughlin, Richard C, 24 Robin Cir., Stoughton, MA 02072McMahon, Bri

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College Street Congregational Church (1863) – detail
boston college
Image by origamidon
256 College Street, Burlington, Vermont USA • The church’s website. Gothic Revival style, designed by Boston architect J. D. Towle. Two asymmetrical towers flank the three door portal in the front entrance.

? This building is one of 63 contributing structures of the 470 acre Main Street – College Street Historic District, and has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places (#88001850), since October 13, 1988.

? For some dates & historical details, I am indebted to the Chittenden County Historical Society, and their fine, three volume set: Historic Guide to Burlington Neighborhoods: Vol. I, 1991; Vol. II, 1997; Vol. III, 2003. David J. Blow, author; Lillian Baker Carlisle, Editor; Sarah L. Dopp, photographs.

More Info: GeoHack: 44°28?44?N 73°12?22?W.…

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President Obama work for the people as you have pledged. Don’t let your agenda be driven by special interest for special interest groups. The results of a vote taken in one state does not represent the sentiments of the entire nation. Others in your administration and across the opposing isle have already accepted defeat and find an execuse in this election result not to progress and therefore have overtly as well as possibly covertly pledged a lack of action. Further are you to lead the rest of the country based on what a very small number of votes have decided may be best for them and their state? That concept is certainly not what democracy is all about. Health care reform must be continued and pushed even faster as the threat is evident from detractors that they will kill the bill in favor of political mileage.


Mr. President, it didn’t take a genus to see this coming. I don’t know why you insist on being guided my misnomers pushed by your advisors who are obviously not in touch with the sentiments of the majority of the people who elected you to make dramatic change to a system which simply does no longer represent the aspirations for success and empowerment demanded by an intellectually developed nation. The People and citizens of this country are not interested in political games, they want to see results which favor their empowerment and subsequently improve their quality of life. The prognosis from those of us who don’t get paid to give an opinion is that you are headed for continual defeat simply because you are losing perspective of what you promised and have not delivered. This is something you can easily correct or fix! Act with stealth in implementing real change.


 When the nation sees a reneging on the pledges you have made on very simply doable items and subjects matter Mr. President; inaction which affect the rights and welfare of the people; uncalled for delays and decision arcane in making and destructive in terms of national unity; when simple decisions doable by merely the will of the President does not get done in a more than timely manner, it bears serious political consequence. There are absolutely no intellectually civilized reasons for your lack of action on simple matters which deserve no debate. The electorate gave you a mandate Mr. President., carry it through in a more timely manner and you will be rewarded. Continue along the path of deliberate delays and giving uncontrolled power to disruptive elected officials in your own party, who simply abuse the people’s demands in pursuit of their own selfish, self-centered agenda, which is in effect self-serving, will result in severe punishment for you and your party, especially for a president who knows he is being judged by a much higher standards.


Mr. President, people don’t believe there is any logic in putting off the necessary and needed decision; followed by effective actions, which would establish an administration, committed to integrity, transparancy and truth. No longer are people willing to accept waiting decades for things that can be implemented immediately, again and especially in light that the delays will cause catastrophic hurt and pain for the majority of Americans while serving to benefit the greedy minority interest. You Mr. President, must NOW begin to ask yourself a very simply question; Why am I functioning in “Snail mail mode”, when your electorate is operating on the internet in real time and attitude?


Why have I allowed the continued lack of transparancy in military and other affairs of the nation, claiming its serves no real purpose to do so. Denying the very rights guaranteed to all in the USA by the very constitution which allowed me to be in office? Your administration has continually blocked the release of information which makes no logical sense to block.…

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In my nearly twenty years in the publicity industry, I have seen a fair bit of evolution in how the media reaches their audience. Some newspapers and magazines have turned into websites or blogs and several television shows have turned into streaming videos on YouTube. Talk radio seems to be the only media outlet that has remained untouched, right? Wrong!

If we use the 1990’s as a reference point (and all of you radio pros from that era will back me up on this) the landscape of talk radio has most definitely changed from then until now. In the 90’s the average time allotted for a guest interview was anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes and most of the interviews took place in-studio.

Today if you want to find a 45 to 60 minute interview you have to focus on smaller markets (and/or smaller stations in big markets). Why? It all comes down to format. Today, the format for guest interviews in top markets can be as short as 3 to 5 minutes and as long as 10-15 minutes. So the same major market talk show that used to have one guest per hour will now how 3-5 guests in one hour!

Also, say goodbye to in-studio interviews. Most hosts today don’t want guests coming to the studio. Now with shorter interviews, having to meet and greet an in-studio guest can be an unnecessary distraction, not only for the hosts but for other employees at the station as well. And, where quality of sound used to be a factor, we’ve seen enough technological advances in equipment that phone interviews now sound far superior to those of the earlier days.

Ok, so things have changed. But it isn’t necessarily for the worst. Any opportunity to be a guest on a radio show is an opportunity you want to take advantage of – regardless of the amount of airtime, the size of the market or the power of the radio station!

For years I have told my clients about the power of radio, and have watched many campaigns produce fantastic results. Here are just a few helpful tips I share with my clients about the value of talk radio and how to maximize these opportunities to connect with their audience.

Work With However Many Minutes You Have on the Air!

Be careful not to fall into the negative mindset about short interviews. Even if your interview only lasts say 10 minutes, these are 10 very valuable minutes of airtime, just learn how to maximize it!

* Develop those Sound Bites. If you only have 10 minutes to talk about your book, product or service you just need to develop your message so that it’s concise and will grab the audience’s attention. The secret for doing this is to make every word count in being able to communicate your message.

* Know Your Message and Stay On it. Figure out what your key message is and stick with it! You don’t have time to be thrown off topic by the host or caller. When that happens, your job is to briefly acknowledge what was said and bring the conversation back to your message. It can be done as politely as, “yes that’s a good point, but”(the rest of your answer would be your message). This kind of response allows you to keep your manners in so that the host doesn’t feel like you’ve ignored his comment, but at the same time, you’re in control of the communication and able to get your point across.

* Know the Host and the Show. If the show is simulcast on the internet, take the time to listen to it before your interview. This will allow you to get a feel for the overall tone of the show and host and how he or she communicates with guests and callers.…

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Involved in a car accident in the maddening crowd of Boston? A Boston Motor Vehicle Accident attorney may be the person you are looking for after the mishap. It does not matter whether you were at fault or not. A Boston Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney can help control the damages in case you were at fault and in case you were victim, a Boston Motor Vehicle Accident attorney can help you get the right compensation. Most of the times, people don’t even bother looking for a lawyer after an accident as they think the insurance companies of the parties involved can handle the compensations scenario.

Though insurance companies are competent at what they do, but it is a Boston Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney having the complete knowledge of law who can help you get your due claims. An insurance company may miss a vital detail but an attorney won’t as they deal with such things day in and day out. And that vital detail could be the missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle. Also, it a Boston Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney who can ask you the right questions pertinent to your case and while talking to them, you can get a better idea of your chances in court. But while looking for an adroit Boston Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney, focus your search on attorneys who have been dealing in car accident cases for quite some time. It is never a good idea to hire a newbie unless you are of the generous kind. Also, ask your potential solicitor as many questions as possible.

Asking questions gives you a fair idea about lawyer’s ken. It is vital to you getting your entitled compensation that the Boston Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney you are hiring is knowledgeable enough to present your case properly. But the most vital thing to look for while zeroing in on a lawyer from a potential list of candidates is to go through his/her track record. A high percentage of wins would improve your odds of being on the victorious side. Wondering where to find such a competent lawyer?

Just go through the yellow pages or better still surf the internet. Internet has a huge listing of Boston Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys. But the best way to select a lawyer is going by the word of the mouth. Read reviews of Attorneys online and find a competent one for your needs. Another factor you need to take into consideration while hiring a Boston Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney is that you should be comfortable talking to him/her as some cases can involve revealing intimate details about yourself.

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BREATHE CAROLINA | The Grand | 6.29.18
Event on 2018-06-29 21:00:00
Big Night Entertainment Group Presents: Breathe Carolina The Grand  Friday, June 28th, 2018 Boston, MA, 02210 Doors: 9:00PM | 21+ with Valid ID No Refunds, All Sales Final VENUE'S DRESS CODE Stylish Nightlife Attire Required  No Athletic Gear • No Bandannas • No Biker Vests • No plain white T-shirts • No tank tops • No open toed shoes for men • No work boots • Men must wear pants • No overly baggy clothes • No tank tops or sleeveless shirts for men • Pants must be worn at waist level, not below • Backpacks must be checked in at coat check • All button-up shirts must be buttoned up • No Hoods can be worn on the head while on the premises • No clothing with vulgar, lewd or inappropriate language. Management Reserves All Rights.

at The Grand
58 Seaport Blvd. Suite 300
Boston, United States…

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