Managing your allergies inside the home or office is not too difficult but does take a few simple steps to succeed. Whether it is the peak of seasonal allergies or winter when there is no pollen, dust and mold are around all year round. Knowing exactly what pollens or molds bother you can be a start but managing your environment requires the same tools and organization.

1. Keep the house clean and dry. Molds and mildew thrive in warm moist environments. Areas in the house such as kitchen, bath, laundry room and basement tend to be damp. These are natural harbingers for mold to thrive. Molds and mildew are able to thrive in damp, poorly ventilated environments. Address proper ventilation in these areas like exhaust fans that re properly working, kept clean and actually vent to the outside, not just the attic space. Don’t neglect small leaks. Getting a room dehumidifier can be an additional tool.

2. Cockroaches and pest control. These are common triggers for asthma and allergies. Keep all kitchen and bath areas clean and dry. Re-evaluate your food storage. Use sealed containers for all food storage as well garbage cans. The latter should be emptied regularly and cleaned. Research has shown that these are common problems even when people thought their housekeeping was above average. Weak bleach solution of 5% concentration is an inexpensive way to clean nonporous bathroom and kitchen surfaces. You can readily make this by adding a tablespoon of bleach to a one quart spray bottle of water. It’s very cheap and a very handy application.

3. Vacuum with a HEPA filter. Cleaning and dusting with the vacuum cleaner is important but can really stir things up. The HEPA filter systems are very good at removing pollen and particulate matter from the exhaust and capturing it in the collection canister. Concentrate on all horizontal surfaces not just the floor. At least once a month trim around window and doors, under the bed or other furniture, shelves, blinds, curtains, and tops of cabinetry need your attention. Dust collects in these areas but is usually out of sight and out of mind. Take your time to look around at the more obscure places you take for granted. Under sink cabinets or the refrigerator drip pan are areas that collect moisture dust, pet hare and mold but remain out of sight.

4. Minimize use of carpeting. Wall to wall carpets although plush and inviting are terrible collecting repositories for dirt, mold, dust, pet dander.

If you must, vacuum regularly and carefully. However it is impossible to truly clean these things. Bare wood or vinyl floors are best for allergy relief. A throw rug or area carpet can be removed periodically for cleaning is more effective in controlling allergens. The bare floors don not collect and hold the particulate matter, mold, mildew, pollen, etc. Limit the use of upholstered furniture, plush furry toys that also cannot be cleaned easily.

5. Keep outside stuff out! Research has shown how many allergens are tracked in by us on shoes and clothing as well as pets. Remove your shoes at the door. Change your clothes and shower particularly if you have been engaged in outside recreational or work activities. Dogs are also vehicles for pollen and dust. Try bathing them regularly. Keep them off the bed or even out of the bedroom entirely if you are struggling for allergy relief. A hypoallergenic mattress cover can also help contain dust and dust mites in your sleeping area.

Follow these tips for allergy relief and easier breathing.

Sometimes life can be a pain; finding a doctor shouldn’t be!

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Hemp Basics
Event on 2017-03-30 16:30:00
Workshop Title:   Hemp Basics/Hemp 101 Date:     Thursday, March 30, 2017 (*Rescheduled*) Time:     4:30 pm to 6:30 pm Location:  Common Ground High School and Urban Farm, 358 Springside Avenue, New Haven CT. 06515 *Light refreshments served* Program Summary:  Please join us an evening workshop and panel presentation on the shrt-term and long-term benefits of industrial hemp production. This event is open to the public. Topics for the workshop, conducted in the first half of the morning, will include:  Contemporary uses of hemp How hemp is distinguishable from marijuana and other cannabis-derived products Current legal issues and hurdles surrounding hemp cultivation in New England Hemp cultivation techniques employed regionally and nationally The future of industrial hemp Plenary Speaker/Lead Speaker Mike Lewis – The Growing Warriors Project Invited Panel Speakers Nelson Guerrero – Cannabis Cultural Association (New York) Mike Lewis – The Growing Warriors Project (Kentucky) Laura Beohner – Women Grow Boston (Massachusetts) Joel Berard – Vermont Hemp Company John Dvorak, Hempologist  Light refreshments are included in the cost of registration.  If you have any food allergies or preferences or have any additonal accomodations (ex. sign language interpreter) in order to acccess this event, please contact Michelle Bicking at  About Your Panel Members: Nelson Guerrero/The Cannabis Cultural Associaton Nelson Guerrero is a first generation Ecuadorian-American. He is a City University of New York, Lehman College Graduate Class of 2013 in Business Administration and Marketing. After graduation he started NanoTechnostics Inc. a biomedical company that won People's Choice at the New York State Business Plan Competition and took part in the prestigious LI Comets Accelerator program in Huntington Long Island. Post Nanotechnostics Inc., Nelson has held leadership roles for SDN Design an Architectural firm as Project Manager, as well as leading Business Development and Sales for RevPoint Media a lead generation company. This year Nelson cofounded the Cannabis Cultural Association, a non-profit dedicated to help underrepresented communities in the legal cannabis/hemp industry, by providing informational workshops, cultural programs, and community events with an emphasis on issues disproportionately affecting communities of color: access to medical cannabis, adult use legalization, and criminal justice reform. Joel Berard/Vermont Hemp Company  The Vermont Hemp Company was founded with the vision of purpose of developing a new agricultural paradigm based upon hemp.  With a network of expertise including academic research partners, farmer-partners, legal specialists, engineers and students, the VTHCo is strategically positioned at the juncture of policy and soil.  The principal of the Vermont Hemp Company, Joel T Bedard, has been advocating for Cannabis for over 3 decades and has gained regional and national notoriety for his efforts.  An alumnus of UVM, Joel has taken to the task of obtaining full federal regulatory compliance with regards to hemp research and propogation.  This distinction is unique in the USA, as the Vermont HempCo is one of few private business entities to have research protocols registered with the DEA’s Springfield, VA laboratory.  In addition to the research, The VTHempCo has successfully placed Vermont-grown organic hemp into the local retail market in New England and continues to work towards an inclusive, distributed model for a new hemp industry.    Mike Lewis/The Growing Warriors Project Since 2009, Michael Lewis has been a busy man. From becoming a husband and father to contributing as a Kentucky Proud farmer who is a Veteran of the 3rd U.S. Infantry, The Old Guard, he has proven how invaluable honorable service can be. He began full-time farming in 2010 and, after supporting local farmer’s market and community supported agriculture efforts throughout 2011, founded America's first Veteran Oriented food security organization, The Growing Warriors Project, in 2012. Growing Warriors, which has helped over 65 veteran families grow more than 18,000 pounds of organic food, exists to equip, assist, and train our nation's military veterans in agriculture production for themselves, their families, and the nation. In 2013, Michael was a celebrated recipient of Kentucky’s Local Food Hero Award, an honor granted by Seed Capital Kentucky and the Kentucky Department of Agriculture to exceptional individuals who promote local, farm-fresh food grown in Kentucky.…

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Locating and securing the best Massachusetts home mortgage program or plan does not have to be a daunting task. Now, it certainly can be if you have no direction or plan for finding the right lender who carries the types of loan instruments that best suit your needs, but if you invest some research time prior to your hunt, you can narrow your search down considerably. By finding only those firms that offer the programs that fit your unique needs, you will save more time than you might imagine possible once you actually get started with the process.

So how do you even begin to research for those types of firms? The best way is start with at least some idea of what your personal needs are at the time. On the surface this sounds easy enough, but be careful because sometimes our needs are not as clear-cut as we might think. For example, if you are new to this type of real estate transaction process, one of your needs might be for education. In this case, you would certainly want to work with a company that is open and accessible when you have questions or concerns about any of the details of the process. Even the best Massachusetts home mortgage plan will bring up questions that need to be answered in a timely and honest way, and you want to work with a firm that is happy to address those questions and educate you in what is happening.

An excellent tool that some of the better firms use to better help them understand your needs, and to better help you understand exactly where you are in the bigger picture, is a pre-approval form. These forms can be very helpful because they not only show you in black-and-white what type of budget you have to work with but they also show sellers that you are serious and realtors that you are serious. Not all firms offer these pre-approval forms, but it is a good idea to find a company that does.

If at all possible, you want to work with a company that offers several types of Massachusetts home mortgage plans to choose from. The reason for this is simple to understand. The more choices you have, the better the odds are that you will find the plan that best suits your needs and budget. Many firms will only offer a couple of plans, and if one of those does not fit your needs, well, you are out of luck. You can avoid this by working with a company that offers various programs.

A good place to begin your Massachusetts home mortgage search is with Royal Consultants, located at, where you can explore the many services and plans they have available. By starting here, you can cut your search time substantially and you can also see what working with true professionals is like. has placed millions of dollars in loans for both commercial and residential clients. For more information on Massachusetts home mortgages and Massachusetts mortgages visit our site.

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Southwest Airlines Information Session
Event on 2017-03-29 13:00:00
Now hiring Ramp, Operations, andCustomer Service Agents in Baltimore,Boston, Chicago, and Denver.*Not just a career, a cause. Come get a chance to meet Southwest Airlines Recruiters face to face to discuss jobs in the United States. *****YOU MUST REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT BELOW****** At Southwest Airlines® we connect People to what’s important in their lives -that also means connecting our Employees to what’s important in their lives!Our Employees value the opportunity to work hard, be creative, and have fun on the job.Employees also enjoy great WorkPerks such as free travel privileges, casual dress code,ProfitSharing, an incredible 401(k) match, and great health benefits including medical,dental, and vision.

at San Juan Airport Hotel PR
2nd Floor , Terminal D-SJU
Carolina, Puerto Rico…

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If you want a lawn that shines with health and happiness, then one of the most essential things you need to do is to look deeply into spring lawn care. Many people have a lackadaisical attitude when it comes to spring lawn care. This results in a mediocre garden or lawn. The best thing to do is to avoid all lethargy associated with lawn care during the spring. Proper spring lawn care will help you have an amazing looking garden for the entire year. Again, it is only through spring that you have to worry about your garden, so cast away all laziness and be alert with your spring lawn care.

What are some of the things you need to do to maintain your lawn well during spring? To begin with, you have to see to it that your lawn is well fertilized and watered. Before undertaking fertilization, de-thatching and aeration are crucial. De-thatching is done to get rid of the withered roots and leaf layers that have gathered around the foot of the grass. Doing this ensures that the grass on your lawn is free from diseases and other illnesses. Aeration is done so that nutrients and water enter the soil very effectively and help the grass grow in a healthy manner.

When it comes to fertilizers, avoiding chemical fertilizers is the sensible step that you can take. The reason is that chemical fertilizers are usually poisonous and could negatively impact your well being and that of the environment, too. So, stick to organic fertilizers whenever possible. If you are clueless about the right kind of organic fertilizer for your lawn, all you have to do is take the help of a soil analyst who will guide you in this area. Generally, what a soil analyst does is to determine the nutrients that your lawn needs and recommend organic fertilizers that make up for the scarcity of nutrients in the soil. While shopping for supplies and garden tools for your lawn during spring, you can also get hold of the organic fertilizers that you need.

When it comes to watering your lawn, see to it that you do not water your lawn more than is required. If you are in the habit of using sprinklers, watering your lawn after midnight and before 8 in the morning would be a sensible course to pursue. All you have to do is set your sprinkler according to the desired time. Again, you should not water your lawn very frequently, especially in spring when the grass does not require too much water. If you have received a good rainfall, then you do not need to water your grass. Similarly, immediately after applying fertilizers, only apply water in a very small quantity. Ensure you keep your landscape edging materials at easily accessible place.

Andrew Caxton is a freelance writer. Read at more articles about landscape edging materials.

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Saving time means saving lives in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and assisted living facilities. These environments are fast-paced, requiring constant and reliable communication. And with two-way radios, vital information can be delivered to health care providers instantly.

By relaying critical and timely messages, two-way radios increase efficiencies in busy, non-stop health care facilities. With a variety of features available, the radios are a snap to use and make communicating among staff members nearly effortless.

Instant Communication Is Easy With Two-Way Radios

Today’s two-way radios are compact, lightweight, and very easy to use. A simple push-to-talk button on the handset gives the user instant access to co-workers. And a headset accessory can make that communication even easier. Add the vibration feature found on some models and you have a quiet, discreet method for relaying messages among hospital staff members.

Two-way radios (or walkie-talkies) make vital, time-sensitive tasks easy. You can…

• respond to an emergency quickly,

• dispense medication to patients and residents on schedule,

• coordinate activities among residents easily,

• maintain schedules among groups of people,

• and monitor patients continuously.

In addition, the voice-activated models allow staff to easily monitor ill or infirm patients. Two-way radios make it simple to keep communication flowing and staff members always accessible.

Two-Way Radios Increase Profits

Providing better service to patients, residents, and visitors means greater profits for health care facilities. And instant communication improves productivity of employees, again adding to the bottom line. Keeping staff members continuously accessible means fewer delays in needed care and less employee wasted hours.

Business two-way radios are more affordable than other forms of 2-way communication systems. No monthly fees or extra charges for additional features. And today’s business two-way radios are sturdy and rugged—they’re designed to withstand drops and bumps, making them an economical investment.

Powerful Technology That’s Easy To Use

Powerful and with numerous features available, there’s a two-way radio to meet all your needs. The FCC has designated specific frequencies to be used by businesses, eliminating unwanted interference or chatter from casual users.

Many 2-way radio models have a cloning feature to allow all the settings to be quickly transferred from handset to handset. The keypad lock ensures the settings won’t be accidentally changed. And because two-way radios are easy to use, very little time is needed for training. They can be integrated into your business promptly and effectively.

Dependable 2-way communication is a matter of life and death in health care facilities. You can count on the reliability of two-way radios during emergencies and everyday activities alike.

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THE WERKS with Brothers Gow
Event on 2017-03-29 20:00:00
3.29 Wednesday (Funk / Jam / Rock) Nectar & The PBJ Present: THE WERKS with Brothers Gow adv / dos 8pm doors 9pm show 21+ THE WERKS Website Soundcloud Beloved Ohio jam rockers The Werks have responded to tragedy and transition by solidifying the strongest lineup in their decade of existence. They’re ready to launch 2017 with an 8-week coast-to-coast run in support of this effort, their fifth full studio release entitled “Magic”.It all kicks off with a 2-Night Event in early February in Columbus, OH, the “Winter Werk Out Music and Arts Festival”, which is a sister showcase to the band’s 8th Annual Werk Out Festival, returning next August to Legends Valley in Thornville. Count on two big nights with hometown heroes The Werks plus a host of national rock and electronic acts.Tour then heads to major cities in the Northeast like New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington, DC, before a swing through the South, including favorite stops in Asheville, Atlanta & Charleston. After that, they’ll hit the Colorado ski resorts as well as Denver, where the band will host their first ever “Werk Out West Music & Arts festival” over 2 nights, featuring multiple shows with The Werks and many other acts.They’ll continue West through the Rockies with visits to Utah, Montana, and the Treefort Festival in Boise, before landing on the Pacific Coast and two weeks of shows throughout Washington, Oregon, and California. The tour then concludes with the band’s debut visit to Phoenix.Catch their sensational blend of rock and deep electronic funk beloved by fans across the musical spectrum, as The Werks visit a town near you with special guests like Cure for the Common, Moogatu, and many more to be announced soon.Tickets go On Sale Friday November 18th at

at Nectar
412 North 36th Street
Seattle, United States…

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Cute, cuddly and a celebrity accessory, toy dog breeds are all the rage in Hollywood and in the real world as well. Nobody can argue that these pint-sized pooches aren’t a pocket (or purse) full of precious, but they’re also sensible candidates for vet pet insurance due to an increased potential for a number of hereditary health issues. That isn’t to say they are doomed to a life of illness, just that there’s certainly greater potential for it than with your run-of-the-mill mutt.

Toy breeds are the product of some dramatic breeding efforts favoring preferred genetic traits and size. If you consider that domestic dogs owe their heritage to wolves, you can make the intellectual leap that some significant changes had to be bred into these animals to get them to what they are today. When you shuffle the deck so dramatically and so rapidly (on an evolutionary scale) you’re bound to wind up with a little bit of a potential mess.

Even if you narrow your focus and look just at the eyes on toy and small breed dogs you get an idea of the elevated health risks inherent in these animals. These lovable but Lilliputian lapdogs are at increased risk for progressive retinal atrophy, keratitis, glaucoma, cataracts, entropion, trichiasis, distichiasis and epiphora. Again, that’s just eye diseases. The list goes on.

Moving back from there you can have any number of ailments including respiratory, heart and organ issues, chronic skin and ear problems and hip and joint issues. In fact, I’m almost inclined to recommend people not investigate the potential health issues associated with toy and small breeds lest they scare themselves to death. But the news isn’t really all that grim.

First, it’s important to understand that an increased potential is hardly a guarantee. We all have a significantly increased potential to die in an accident every time we drive compared to every time we fly. Despite that, precious few of us fear driving but a great many of us fear flying. Allowing that you do some due diligence and research ahead of time, fearing health issues in small dogs is no more rational.

In addition, any reputable breeder who wants to remain in business will vigorously select for the most healthy results they can get. They aren’t looking to push diminutive canine health time bombs on the world or they’re going to have a hard time getting any repeat or referral business. You may pay more for the services of a breeder who really invests the time in ensuring their stock has a healthy genetic history, but you’ll be far better off in the long run for having done so.

Finally, small breeds, despite their increased genetic risks, actually tend to live longer than their large cousins. Consider that the average life span of a Great Dane is 8-9 years. Doberman Pinschers and Rottweilers approach an average of 10 years. In contrast, your average Yorkshire Terrier may stick around 13 years or more. Miniature Dachshunds routinely hit 14-15 years. Miniature poodles also trend around 15 years. The message there is that, despite an increased posibility of a variety of health concerns, small breeds tend to stick around longer. Choosing a small breed may mean spending several more years with your favorite pal.

So the lesson here is not to get wrapped up in the potential for health issues but to do what you can to minimize risks. Start by carefully interviewing breeders, asking for records and references and following up to ensure you are dealing with a reputable breeder who is interested in selling healthy stock. Give some thought to vet pet insurance to help offset the expenses you may face with pure toy breeds. Assuming you do your homework and don’t just jump at the first cute bundle of fur to come running your way, you can greatly offset any potential risks.…

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PMP® Certification Training Course in Phoenix, AZ- USA | iCert Global
Event on 2017-03-28 09:00:00
iCert Global is conducting 4 days PMP® Certification Training Course in Phoenix, USA. on March 28-31, 2017. iCert Global is conducting 4 days PMP certification training course in Phoenix from March 28-31, 2017. Register for this 4-day PMP classroom training course, spread over one weekends and prepare for the PMP Exam from an expert trainer. Features of our PMP Certification Training: – Interactive classroom training session spread over two weekends – Two Simulated PMP practice tests with 200 questions in each test – Answers and explanations for all the practice questions – Learn from an expert Project Management Trainer – Get 35 Contact Hours PDU certificate – Case studies in the classroom training session – Complimentary PMP e-learning for 3 months – Help with PMP Exam Application Process – Global Approvals and Accreditation – Convenient classroom and online courses – Courses conducted across the globe   For more information about our Project Management training courses, please e-mail or Call Now! on +1 (713)-287-1252 Visit us at  PMP® Certification Training Course in Phoenix,, AZ. to know more about our certification training courses in Program Management , ITIL, IT Service Management, Quality Management, Agile, Scrum, and related fields. We conduct PMP certification training courses in Phoenix, Charlotte, Minneapolis, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Chicago, Washington, Los Angeles, Washington, Indianapolis, Dallas, San Diego, Baltimore, Richmond around USA.. Please visit us at  to know more about our professional certification training courses in India and across the globe. Please Contact iCert Global Learning: E-mail:    Website: Call Us Now!: USA: +1 (713)-287-1252 UK: +44-1-322-476-113 AUS: +61 2 6171 0726 BHR: +973-16-196142 IND: +91 (80) 65370333 IND: +91 (80) 65370334 Facebook: Twitter: Linkedin: Plus Google:

at Super 8 Phoenix Downtown
965 East Van Buren
Phoenix, United States…

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20070929 11 SMTD Springfield, Illinois
Image by davidwilson1949

2013 UIS Alumni Gala
Image by Illinois Springfield
The University of Illinois Alumni Association honored Richard Osborne and Charles Schweighauser during the University of Illinois Springfield Alumni Gala on Friday, November 1, 2013. Over 250 people attended the event at the Illinois Executive Mansion in Springfield.…

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