World Summit on Stroke & Neurological Disorders
Event on 2018-08-31 09:00:00
Stroke Summit 2018 Organizing Committee, invites all the participants from all over the world to attend “World Summit on Stroke and Neurological Disorders, Aug 31- Sep 01, 2018 Boston, USA. This gathering is predominantly will focus the most recent and energizing developments in each range of Stroke research, and it will offer an exceptional opportunity for specialists from all over the world to meet, network, and distinguish with different scientific interactions.

Stroke Summit 2018 will provide an opportunity to world researchers working in era of neurological disorders to deliver talk on their research. It will be a great opportunity to the speakers, experts, researchers from both academics and industrialist to discuss their research and views.

It is our greatest pleasure to welcome you to the “World Summit on Stroke and Neurological Disorders, Aug 31- Sep 01, 2018 Boston, USA. The conference includes demonstration, symposium, workshops with different tracks in the field of neurological disorder. Stroke Summit 2018 is the leading gathering of neurologists, psychiatry, psychology researchers, and neurosurgeons with the theme of Research Strategies, propelled advancements and developments in Stroke. Its main aim to deliver and exchange ideas with the leading scientists and to create awareness among people about Stroke and Neurological Disorders.

Target audience: Neurologists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Neurosurgeon, Head of the department, Director, Industries, Delegates, Clinical, Community members, Professors, Researchers, Students, Scientists, Nurses.
· Neurologists and Directors
· Physicians
· Neuroscientists
· Specialists
· Researchers
· Professors
· Industrial Experts
· Neurosurgeons
· Psychiatrist
· Nutritional Scientists
· Lecturers and Students from Academia in the study of Parkinson disease
· Students from Academia in the research of Neurology and Neuroscience
· Therapists

at boston
Boston, United States…

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Boston is a town and small port in Lincolnshire. It is situated on the east coast of England. It has a population of about 36,000. The population has been swelled in recent years by Portuguese and eastern European workers.

Companies up and down the country are struggling to make ends met and get through the recession. Companies and Business based in Boston are no different.

Businesses in Boston which are insolvent need to take proper insolvency advice and may need to cease to trade. To carry on trading whilst insolvent can lead to accusations of wrongful trading which can make a director personally liable for losses of the company.

There are three main types of insolvency procedure which can help a limited company which is insolvent.

CVL or Creditors Voluntary Liquidation

This is where a company in Boston, calls a meeting of it’s creditors to advise them that it is insolvent and as prudent directors they have to close the company to stop any further loses from occurring. This is a simple procedure and will be well known to company directors. In a CVL it may be possible for the directors of the business to purchase the assets and viable business from the Liquidator. Many businesses in Boston have been helped by such a mechanism.

CVA or Company Voluntary Arrangement

This is a solution whereby the company which is essentially viable offers to pay back to it’s creditors a set amount in the £ of money owed, over a period of time, which is usually 3 – 5 years. This enables the company to continue in business but stops all creditors from taking action which could prejudice the survival of the company. Companies in and around Boston have been using this procedure since 1986.


The administration procedure is now a tool used quire frequently by businesses in Boston to close down one company and pre-pack the sale of the old business to a new company, whilst preserving the value of the business. It maintains employment and creates a viable new entity whilst at the same time delivering a better return to creditors than might otherwise be the case.

All these company debt solutions are available to business owners on Boston and advice on which is best for your insolvent company is only a phone call away.

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Making Learning Circles – Digital DIY
Event on 2018-08-23 14:00:00
ATD 2016 State of the Industry report stated that instructor-led classroom hours reduced from 63% in 2008 to 49% in 2015 and technology-based learning hours increased from 32% in 2008 to 42% in 2015 (source: ATD Research) Are you leading digital transformation of your training and learning? Learning circles seamlessly transition us from traditional classroom training to a digital (onsite + online) facilitated learning model.   DESCRIPTION Our goal is to support you in the digital transformation of your training and learning through a hands-on, practical and entrepreneurial learning journey. Over a period of two weeks, fifteen topics are digitally-facilitated onsite and asynchronous online.  Virtual and onsite coaching sessions are scheduled for additional support. The learning journey is divided into two parts: – Part I covers digital on boarding, background, mindset, DIY start, creating a learning circle, building digital content, social media marketing, go to market, leveraging, etc. – Part II is your launch event and it serves as an extension and the desired outcome of Part I whereby you put the acquired skills into actual practice in front of your ‘live’. A complete list of topics is available at The key success factor in this entrepreneurial journey is your own intrinsic motivation to productize and go-to market with your digital learning circle. Collectively, let’s discover it.   BENEFITS (1)  LEARNING CIRCLES + COMMUNITY-LED LEARNING = SEED FUNDING –   Submit an application for the launch of your learning circle via Singapore Learning Circles for LearnSG seed funding. –   The funding process is further streamlined via the successful completion of this CPD.   (2)  LEARNING CIRCLES + LEARN TECH = DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION –   Enjoy 3 months free-trial to create new and/ or learn a variety of topics hosted online using learning technologies & platform –   Leverage Singapore Learning Circles social media presence to market your learning circle   (3)  COMMUNITY + COACHING = SUCCESSFUL LAUNCH –   Get access to join scheduled onsite, virtual, digital coaching session –   Get access to an online community of powerful learning circle originators and facilitators –   Gain confidence by co-facilitating and supporting the learning circle launches of your peers   LEARNING OUTCOMES To get hands-on experience and develop basic proficiency and competency in three key skills of IAL’s Training and Adult Education Professional Competency Model (TAEPCM) i) To design, develop and deliver a pedagogical form of blended learning in line with SkillsFuture SG’s iN.LEARN2020 initiative ii) To utilise learning technologies to design, develop and facilitate learning through Learning Circles. iii) To market own Learning Circle in the selected topics of interest via social media, partnering and online marketing channels. WHO IS IT FOR This programme is for professionals in: Adult Education: trainer, coach, facilitator, educator, assessor, instructional designer Training Management: e-learning specialist, programme manager, training manager, business development manager, education technologist, training consultant Human Capital Management: human resource specialist, learning & development manager, organizational planner, training manager, consultant Content Originators: Author, Publisher, Product Manager, Startup   WHAT TO BRING Bring your laptop or tablet device to enjoy this unique participatory experience.   DURATION Part I: 3 hours onsite + 7 days asynchronous online + onsite & virtual coaching (optional) Part II: Launch of your learning circle   CATEGORY Adult Education, Training Management, Human Capital Management   FOCUS CATEGORY Business Essentials, Individual Mastery, Learning Design, Essential Skills, Technology-enabled Learning, Workplace Learning, Digital Transformation, Business Development, Social Media Marketing   FACILITATOR (PJ) Prashant Jain, Chief Architect, Learning Circles & CEO at Wiztango PJ is the Chief Architect of Learning Circles and creator of a Digital Facilitation Technology Platform for Content Originators. He is an American with a global background as an entrepreneur in technology and education management. In 2002, he founded and for fourteen years successfully managed an in-residence corporate university for Japanese employees of Hitachi Corp, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Yokogawa, Panasonic and 30+ global Japanese corporations. The Singapore-based company achieved .9M revenue at its peak and had 1,000+ Japanese graduates from 25+ global-skill development programs.…

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So why so much buzz about music download websites? There’s a large amount of legal concern surrounding most music download sites. Websites that offer free music downloads are often done illegally. When free music download sites are discovered, they are quickly shut down, and the webmaster faces legal action.


The Double-Edged Sword


The music download debacle is a double-edged sword. People download free music against the wishes of music labels everywhere. Many labels complain that downloaded music is cutting into their clients’ profits. Some have produced statistical reports showing how sales are decreasing and place the blame on websites that offer free downloads of music.


On the other hand, some music labels are publishing increases in sales due to free downloads. They claim that people listen to their music online and rush out to purchase the CD. Some say they have seen as much as a 28 percent increase in sales. What better form of free advertising than a free download here and there?


According to one report, an estimated 2 billion songs are downloaded illegally each month. In a related report 23 percent of music listeners said they are not buying CDs because they have the ability to download their favorites for free. Many readers would like to know where these reports and statistics are coming from.


The Down-Side to Downloading


The biggest concern facing those who download music from free sites is probably the legal ramifications of their actions. When under investigation, peer-to-peer download sites could have all clients tracked. If they are required to track activity to their site, they are required to report their findings to authorities. Some of this information is the Internet Protocol address of the person downloading the music. Your IP address acts much like your home address for your computer. Authorities may trace your IP address and arrest you at your home for downloading illegal files.


In addition to potential legal problems, many peer-to-peer download sites are chock full of computer viruses. Computer viruses may cause uncontrollable and uncountable pop-ups to invade your monitor while you’re trying to browse the Internet. Other, more serious computer viruses can completely debilitate your computer, making it worthless.


Good News for Independents


Independent musicians are those who have no recording label. Independents are responsible for their own recording, marketing, advertising and so on. One of the most expensive parts of gaining your fame in the music world is exposure. Having your music played on the radio is very expensive. The Internet and digital recordings have become the independent musician’s best friend. Indies can record their own music, using the proper equipment, and promote their music as free or inexpensive downloads all over the Web.


Popular social and viral video networking sites have made it even easier than ever for independent artists to promote their music. When people listen to their music via one of these sites, they have the option to add them to a friend or buddy list. Their other friends see this new independent band profile on the list of someone they trust, so they visit as well. Independents usually place a snippet of their music on their website so visitors can listen. They also offer individual downloads of songs for as little as $0.99 per song.

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Call of Booty Party Cruise: 50% off today with code ‘Summer’
Event on 2018-08-30 19:30:00
Join us on August 30th  Erik Jacobs for the Boston Globe Why should you attend the Call of Booty Party Cruise?There is nothing better than a Summer night. It's the unofficial start of the weekend, so instead of waiting for the clock to hit 5 on Friday, why not celebrate a little earlier and join Boston Event  Guide for a Call of Booty Party Cruise? Thursday August 30th we invite you aboard the beautiful Provincetown II ship featuring three floors of live music, bars, and dance floors featuring 90s, 00's and today. Our Summer  Party Cruises leave the Commonwealth Pier at 7:30 and cruise around Boston Harbor until 10:30 PM. Enjoy Boston's LARGEST group of young professionals in one place, mingling with amazing  cocktails in hand and breath-taking views of the Harbor and city in the background. Don't sit on your couch tonight imagining what your weekend is going to be like when  you can start the party right now! Buy your tickets before they sell out and we look forward to seeing you on board. Perks for groups & parties 50% off Company parties – host goes for free! Plan a group party – host goes for free Host a Birthday party – go for free Bachelor-ette party – host/honoree goes for free!  Lets Partner – looking for fun brands to work with Cruise Hosts/Ambassadors Wanted FAQ  What should I do if it is raining or bad weather? All cruises go out rain or shine (even thunderstorms).  The boat has 2 fully covered decks… Grab your cutest rainboots and meet us on the dock! What is an acceptable form of ID: THIS EVENT IS 21+.  Security accepts State issued drivers’ licenses.  Out of State IDs will be subjected to the additional check of being run through an ID scanner.  The scanner can detect imperfections in a falsely produced ID.  Non drivers may present State issued IDs intended for those that don’t drive.  Non-US Citizens are to present passport IDs. You will not be allowed on the boat without proper identification. What is your ticket policy? The ticket policy is NO refunds, credits or exchanges. All cruises are rain or shine and do not get cancelled. Where can I find the boat/registration? The boat leaves from 200 Seaport Blvd on the Commonwealth Pier. This pier is located between Atlantic Beer Garden and the World Trade Center Building. The boat is located on the Boston side of the World Trade Center 1/2 way down the pier to the registration table.  The Boat name is Provincetown II. If you are being dropped off make sure you get dropped off at the lower level by the dock. What time do I really need to be there? The boat leaves at 7:30pm sharp and returns at 10:30pm. We start boarding at 7pm and you must arrive by 7:15pm. Please arrive early – we would hate to leave without you. Do you take Credit Cards? No. This is a cash only bar/food only. ATM's is located inside 7/11 and at Seaport Hotel. Please plan accordingly. Drink prices are and up and Food is and up. Who is going? We typically have 700-900 young professional guests with a great mix of males & females looking to have an amazing fun night out on the harbor. What to wear: Casual fun dress – jeans, sneakers, collared shirt (guys), sun dress is perfect. No heels please. What kind of drinks and food do you offer? Enjoy some of the least expensive drinks you will find on the water starting at at 7+ bars. Pizza, hotdogs and other snacks are available for – . How to get there and parking: PARKING – Many outdoor lots offer rates starting at SUBWAY – Take the subway to South Station and transfer to the Silver Line (the Silver Line also travels through the South End/Back Bay).The Silver Line departs approximately every five minutes to the World Trade Center stop and the trip is just a few minutes.LOCATION – Provincetown II Boat, 200 Seaport Blvd, Commonwealth Pier, Boston World Trade Center Lastly+  This is a 21+ party and proper id is required – A US driver License or Foreign License with Passport.…

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5th Annual Congress on Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs (cse)
Event on 2018-08-29 09:00:00
5th Annual Congress on Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs About Conference On behalf of the organizing committee, we are pleased to announce that the 5th Annual Congress on Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs (Rare Diseases 2018) will be held from August 29-30, 2018 in Boston, USA. Rare Diseases 2018 provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers to present the latest research findings and describe emerging technologies, and directions in rare diseases and orphan drugs issues. The conference seeks to contribute to presenting novel research results in all aspects of Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs. The conference aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of rare diseases and orphan drugs. It also provides the premier interdisciplinary forum for scientists, professors, specialists, researchers, students and practitioners to present their latest research results, ideas, developments, and applications in all areas of rare diseases and orphan drugs. The conference will bring together leading academic scientists, researchers, Industrial delegates Healthcare Professionals and scholars in the domain of interest from around the world. The conference's goal will to provide a scientific forum for all international prestige scholars around the world and enable the interactive exchange of state-of-the-art knowledge. The conference will focus on evidence-based benefits proven in clinical trials and scientific experiments. Why to attend?Join the Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs Congress to keep up to date with the industry and to learn from our expert speaker panel, bringing you important new case studies and reports on this year’s relevant topics. Learn more about global trends in rare diseases and its advances in the therapeutic and diagnostic market.Discussing strategic win-win collaborations to help accelerate rare disease clinical drug development, and improve relationships between drug developers and patients to consider both parties’ interestsHear more about how patient engagement by integrating the patient perspective into the drug development process through patient advocacy, patient-centric research, and patient groupsLearn about how the regulatory landscape for drug approvals is different between countries, and why it is important to keep informed about the regulations and guidelines of each regionGain knowledge of different rare diseases and their unique challenges, as well as how treatment methods can be transferred to other rare diseasesIntroducing cell and gene therapies to rare disease treatment – learn how gene therapy methods can improve the treatment of rare diseases and why it is becoming more commercially successful Sessions/TracksThe scientific program will focus on current advances in the clinical research, clinical trials, drug discovery, drug development, drug treatment and orphan drug clinical trials with a particular focus on their role in maintaining the academic level in rare diseases and orphan drugs. In addition, mentored sessions for poster presenters will provide guidance from world leaders for our experts of the future. Track 1: Different types of Rare Diseases A rare disease is defined as a condition that affects less than 200,000 people. This explanation was formed by Congress in the Orphan Drug Act of 1983. There may be as many as 7,000 rare diseases. Only a few categories of rare diseases are tracked when a person is diagnosed. These include certain infectious diseases, birth defects, and cancers. It also comprises the diseases on state newborn screening tests. Because most rare diseases are not trailed, it is hard to determine the exact number of rare diseases. Most rare diseases are genetic, and thus are present throughout the person's intact life, even if symptoms do not immediately appear. Track 2: Clinical Research and Public Awareness Clinical research is a branch of healthcare science. The first step in confronting this challenge is regularly getting the community to think about participating in clinical research. People need to consider how they can help advance the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease.…

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With a win over Wake Forest after a recovered fumble by Wes Davis in overtime, the Boston Eagles College Football team made their 27-24 win a reality as Dave Shinskie threw three scoring passes Saturday. Saturday’s game against Florida State was rained out at Shea Stadium but that didn’t stop the Boston Eagles from bringing home another win with an ending score of 28-21 with a crowd of more than 40,000 in attendance.

Overall team statistics look pretty good for the Boston Eagles team thus far this season. Averaging 30.5 points per game with 62 first downs and rushing for 30 while keeping the penalties down at 5 may be the key to staying on top of their game.

This year’s offensive line up is Justin Jarvis (82), Billy Flutie (14), Rich Gunnell (18), Colin Lamond Jr. (10), Anthony Castonzo (74), John Wetzel (73), Nathan Richman (75), Emmett Cleary (77), Matt Tennant (65), Mark Spinney (69), Thomas Claiborne (78), Nick Halloran (71), Rich Lapham (66), Mike Goodman (72), Chris Pantale (81), Lars Anderson (87) and Jordon McMichael (88).

The defensive lineup is Alex Albright (98), Max Holloway (56), Austin Giles (52), Nick Rossi (64), Damik Scafe (55), Jim Ramella (86), Brad Newman (47), Dominick LeGrande (26), Mike Morrissey (53), Mike McLaughlin (34), Dan Williams (33), Alexander DiSanzo (44), Luke Kuechly (40), Marcellus Bowman (8), Jim Noel (23), Wes Davis (45), Okechukwa Okoroha (24), DeLeon Gause (9), Donnie Fletcher (4), Roderick Rollins (20) and Isaac Johnson (19).

For games played at home, the Boston Eagles college football team takes to the field against competitors on the beautiful Alumni Stadium, which was expanded and now holds nearly 45,000 seats. Artificial turn and lights were added at the same time. During the late 80s, matching upper decks and a new press box were upgrades. Since that time, new scoreboards and instant replay screens, a new lighting system, upgraded concessions and a glass and brick exterior fa?e make Alumni Stadium one of the most up to date stadiums in the state.

Gates B, D, E, and F provide entrance to seating from all four corners. For seating near the 30- and 40-yard like, sections F and G are the best bet. Ticketholders can be sure they’ll get an up close and personal view of the gridiron action from this level.

Those who like a little less noise will appreciate being seated a bit further back but be prepared to experience the outdoor elements at their best as these are open air seats. As far as parking goes, it is not permitted to park in the neighborhoods around Boston College and on campus parking on game day is limited to Flynn Fund permit holders.

The best bet is to park at Needham Satellite lot and take the complimentary shuttle system. Rides start as early as 2-1/2 hours before kickoff, ensuring travel to the stadium in plenty of time to hit the concessions and get to your seat before the game starts. Alumni Stadium is located at 2601 Beacon Street in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.

Alumni Stadium can be reached from points north, south and west as well as from downtown Boston and from Logan Airport. The Boston skyline provides a unique background as the backdrop for every football game held at the Alumni Stadium. With a variety of seating options, modernized facilities and a comfortable central location, visiting the Alumni Stadium to see the Boston Eagles college team play is just the right thing to do.

Whether you want to be right by the action of the sidelines or moved a ways back where the action is still clear, the choice is yours and the Alumni Stadium delivers every time.

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red socks
by thp365

A bride planning a vintage wedding has a lot to think about. Firstly she has to find the perfect dress, flowers and location. Next, she’ll need to pick out dresses for the bridesmaid, clothing for the groom and his groomsmen and wedding table decorations. It’s very important to pick out the dress, flowers and location before choosing the other parts of the wedding so that the bride can wear exactly what she wants, and then choose what goes with that outfit. The bouquet, flowers, location and dress are the most vital part of the wedding.

The perfect vintage wedding has a couple of things in common: it has the major theme, the clothing styles and the decorations. This not only makes the perfect wedding, it’s the reason they are so perfect. What that means is that because you have a theme, you can tie everything together. It makes finding clothing easier, picking out decorations faster and narrowing down venues much easier. A vintage red wedding is even easier because it puts all of those aspects into perspective.

If, for instance, the couple wishes to have a 1920’s wedding, they can narrow down the search of bridesmaid gown styles, shoe styles and even hairstyles. Dresses can be drop-waisted, flapper or an elegant mid-calf pencil skirt style. The roaring 20s actually had many different styles of dresses as the years progressed during the decade. You can find places online where pictures of the styles and patterns can be used, if you want the dresses specially made.

The 20s also offered speakeasies which are a great theme for the 1920s vintage wedding. Even better is the price you can get for a venue because what you need is a rundown back alley type of pub or bar to hold the reception. You can find an out of the way new business and get a cost for their open bar and it works out even better if they have a food license. If they don’t you’ll have to find another venue, or hold a drink and pretzel only type of reception party.

Red is the perfect color for the vintage themed wedding. Red is a breakout color, its full of passion, vivacity and nerve, the ideal color to represent the 20s and the break from restriction for women. Choosing a red wedding dress is the ultimate statement for showing your audacity and daring, and yet you will still look amazingly elegant and sophisticated.

Lina has extensive knowledge in the wedding field and has owned and ran a wedding planner service for 18 years. She began planning weddings out of her basement room and eventually to an office where she now employs several people.

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Women’s Business Announces Nancy Walter of Boston Recruiting Agency Hollister Inc. as one of Massachusetts’ Top 10 Recruiters

Boston, MA – Hollister Inc. Senior Staffing Consultant Nancy Walter has been recognized by Women’s Business as one of Massachusetts’ Top 10 Recruiters.

“It’s an honor to be reconized by Women’s Business,” said Walter. “It’s pretty rewarding to have a job where your advice can take a candidate in a direction that leads to a successful career. I also love the client relationship development part of the job. Gaining an understanding of a client’s culture and needs and making the right match for them is a challenge that never gets boring.”

Walter has worked at Hollister for the past 18 years. She came into the staffing industry from a brief career in corporate HR with a passion for people. It’s this passion that has enabled her to become one of Hollister’s most sought after recruiters, both with candidates and clients.

“I have been working with Nancy and her group since 2005,” said Jennifer Close of Gottex Fund Management. “She has placed three of our assistants, all of whom have been amazing administrative professionals. Nancy is always friendly and personable, and she will go the extra mile to make sure we have the right candidate fit. It has been a pleasure to work with Nancy.”

Walter works within Hollister’s Administrative Division with clients spanning multiple industries, and supports them in their search for candidates to fill jobs ranging from entry level support to executive/personal assistants.

“Hollister’s culture and values truly make Hollister a special place to work,” said Walter. “When you can feel good about the company you work for, it makes you that much better at what you do.”

About Hollister

Founded in 1988, Hollister is a leading woman owned full-service staffing of Placement Consultants firm passionate about connecting Massachusetts’ opportunity with talent and finding Boston Job Opportunities. Based and home-grown in the Greater Boston region, Hollister is well positioned to see the Massachusetts job market from both sides. They essentially have two sets of clientele that they show up for every day- Massachusetts companies and its active and passive jobseeker. For 20 years, Hollister has been the bridge that connects professionals with jobs in Massachusetts and companies with the best employees. Whether you are searching for Massachusetts jobs or to hire your next best employee, they are the network you are looking for.

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