Dire Literary Series July 7 with Rachel Kadish, Jay Sheets and Lauren Hilger
Event on 2017-07-07 19:00:00
Rachel Kadish is the award-winning author of the novels From a Sealed Room and Tolstoy Lied: a Love Story, as well as the novella I Was Here. Her work has appeared on NPR and in the New York Times, Ploughshares, and Tin House, and has been anthologized in the Pushcart Prize Anthology and elsewhere. She has been a fiction fellow of the National Endowment for the Arts and the Massachusetts Cultural Council, has received the John Gardner Fiction Award and the Koret Foundation's Young Writer on Jewish Themes Award, and was a writer-in-residence at Stanford University. She lives outside Boston and teaches in Lesley University's MFA Program in Creative Writing. ————————————– Jay Sheets is a poet, writer, and researcher. His debut book, The Hour Wasp, was released by April Gloaming Publishing in 2017. Sheets' poems and writing have appeared in numerous journals and magazines. He received a BFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College in Vermont and currently lives in Plymouth, Massachusetts. ————————————————————————————- Lauren Hilger received a BA from New York University and an MFA from Sarah Lawrence College. She is the author of Lady Be Good (Civil Coping Mechanisms, 2016.) Named the 2012 Nadya Aisenberg Fellow in Poetry from the MacDowell Colony, where she was a fellow in 2012 and 2014, she is also the recipient of the Agha Shahid Ali Scholarship from the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown and a fellowship from the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. Her work has appeared in Gulf Coast, Harvard Review Online, Kenyon Review Online, and The Massachusetts Review, among other journals. She serves as a poetry editor for No Tokens.

at 541 Massachusetts Ave
541 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, United States…

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1201 6,342,665 Music game system, staging instructions synchronizing control method for same, and readable recording medium recorded with staging instructions synchronizing control program for same 1202 6,342,664 Data reproducing apparatus 1203 6,342,662 Tune changeable panpipe without harming the lips of a player 1204 6,339,304 Swing control for altering power to drive motor after each swing cycle 1205 6,337,434 Music teaching instrument 1206 6,334,104 Sound effects affixing system and sound effects affixing method 1207 6,332,824 Convertible child’s toy 1208 6,331,669 Broadband communication karaoke 1209 6,331,668 Method and device for musical reference 1210 6,330,490 Data vending machine system and method thereof 1211 6,329,580 Two-tiered music box with revolving figurines 1212 6,326,538 Random tie rhythm pattern method and apparatus 1213 6,324,537 Device, system and method for data access control 1214 6,323,411 Apparatus and method for practicing a musical instrument using categorized practice pieces of music 1215 6,323,410 Slide rule musical scale teaching device 1216 6,323,408 Music creation 1217 6,323,404 Music box device 1218 6,320,111 Musical playback apparatus and method which stores music and performance property data and utilizes the data to generate tones with timed pitches and defined properties 1219 6,320,110 Music game device with automatic setting, method for controlling the same, and storage medium therefor 1220 6,316,712 Method and apparatus for tempo and downbeat detection and alteration of rhythm in a musical segment 1221 6,316,706 Multi-purpose entertainer stand 1222 6,315,698 Guitar player’s finger exerciser and method 1223 6,315,571 Slipper with musical and rhythmic stimulation 1224 6,313,387 Apparatus and method for editing a music score based on an intermediate data set including note data and sign data 1225 6,313,386 Music box with memory stick or other removable media to change content 1226 6,313,385 Music teaching system and method 1227 RE37,422 Electronic musical instrument 1228 6,307,141 Method and apparatus for real-time beat modification of audio and music signals 1229 6,307,140 Music apparatus with pitch shift of input voice dependently on timbre change 1230 6,307,139 Search index for a music file 1231 6,304,846 Singing voice synthesis 1232 6,304,523 Playback device having text display and communication with remote database of titles 1233 6,301,603 Scalable audio processing on a heterogeneous processor array 1234 6,300,548 Music timer 1235 6,297,439 System and method for automatic music generation using a neural network architecture 1236 6,295,555 System and method for music downloads over a network 1237 6,293,511 Sheet music stand 1238 6,291,757 Apparatus and method for processing music data 1239 6,291,756 Method and apparatus for encoding music into seven-bit characters that can be communicated in an electronic message 1240 6,291,749 Mechanical musical movement with electronic light control 1241 6,289,538 Variable contour head support 1242 6,288,317 Real time transmission of keyboard musical performance 1243 6,287,239 Method of exercise using a spinning cycle 1244 6,287,124 Musical performance practicing device and method 1245 6,283,760 Learning and entertainment device, method and system and storage media therefor 1246 6,281,424 Information processing apparatus and method for reproducing an output audio signal from midi music playing information and audio information 1247 6,281,422 Music performance assisting system for teaching sequential use of fingers, method used therein and information storage medium for computer program representative of the method 1248 6,277,085 Solenoidal skin vibrator energized by complex electric waveforms 1249 6,276,612 Synchronized fountain and method 1250 6,275,452 Reproduction method and reproduction apparatus

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Straightforward Elementary Faculty Fundraisers

Primary school fundraisers or campaigns that are specifically created to elevate funds for a social cause are not new to the face of the earth as to the cause that they have been close to for ages currently and they have furnished a large aid to a whole lot of individuals from various corners of the world. This is quite correct for public colleges that lack funds needed to obtain classroom gear and supplies that are necessary to make the educational encounter of their students far better.

In right here, I will offer you some innovative ideas that you can flip into truly powerful primary faculty fundraisers. Take note of these and hold them in your stock of fundraiser concepts so that you can very easily grab a single in situation the will need to increase dollars arises. With these suggestions, you will absolutely elevate the cash that you will need with out possessing to break out tons of sweat and without the need to have to devote a really long period of time just so you can get to the fundraising objectives and aims that you and your volunteers have fixed prior to the begin of your marketing campaign. 1st on my listing of suggestions would be raffles. These kinds of campaigns simply excite folks. This would be so given that everybody enjoys the assumed of getting the opportunity to win amazing prizes. In right here, you and your members will be offering out tickets. Be sure to set the price of your tickets based on the complete sum of dollars that you spent on the prizes that you purchased. On the other hand, you can also achieve out to distinct local business establishments in your neighborhood so that you can ask for some donations, which you will use as prizes. If you get the likelihood to have donations, you will boost the sum of earnings that you will be capable to make at the conclude your campaign.

Following on my list of campaigns, are cookie dough fundraisers. Everyone enjoys cookies as they are thought of as really popular snacks. The merchandise that you will be selling in this marketing campaign are accessible in different flavors, which suggest that you will get the opportunity to supply your buyers much more alternatives. This in turn will indicate that you will most likely get much more than just a single sale from each of the consumers that you will be promoting your goods to. Yet another very good concept would be flower product sales. In right here, you can obtain flowers in bulks and sell them out. Be confident to established your marketing campaign starting date close particular activities these kinds of as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Father’s Day when flowers are in large demand. Setting your event around these dates will enable you to deliver residence more profits. In addition, if you fixed up your stalls throughout this kind of activities, you will no longer need to have to devote too a lot work just to make gross sales. When performing a flowers sale, you can attempt to spot in a donation box on your counter so that if your clients would like to make some extra donations, they can very easily do so.

Get far more suggestions for fundamental university fundraisers from the Intention Fundraising internet site so that you can have much more in your revenue-generating arsenal.

AIM Fundraising is one of the top players in the fundraising industry that has been able to provide lots of clients with the fundraising help that they need. If you are looking for more easy fundraiser ideas that you can use in raising funds, be sure to drop by the AIM Fundraising website.

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Liz Russo at The Hartford Funny Bone
Event on 2017-07-06 19:30:00
Show Dates & Times

Thursday 7/6/17 7:30pm

"Liz has an ease and approachability that makes listening to her like being with a good friend. Her humor was very relatable, endearing, authentic, and very funny.”

LIZ RUSSO is a standup comic and has been performing for over a decade and headlines regularly for comedy clubs, colleges, theaters, casinos, festivals, and events across the country. Liz filmed for Laughs on FOX, and recently was a guest on Sirius XM’s “My Wife Hates Me” with Bonnie McFarlane and Rich Vos! Liz also has been a featured guest on Canada Talks with Ward & Al on Sirius XM Canada. She has been a regular on Raw Reality with Gail Kasper as part of the Odd Squad on WMCN44 in Philadelphia, PA.

Liz can also be seen on YouTube web series, Transform My Transformers. Adding to her acting credits is the 2015 independent short film The Bottle produced by award winning Julian Farris Films, and in 2016 as the sexy, smart, court judge divorcee Catherine Randolph in the Silver Tree Entertainment original sitcom A Hot Mess and the faithful sweet best friend Sydney in drama series A Hundred Indecisions on STE-TV.

Liz was a regular at the Comedy Stop at the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City before closing in 2015 and her self-produced and hosted comedy showcases, One Night Stand with Liz Russo, was a long running hit at Carolines on Broadway in New York City.

Liz’s national comedy festival credits include twice performing for Gilda’s Laugh Fest in Grand Rapids Michigan, two time performer at the 'Laugh Your Asheville Off' Comedy Festival in Asheville, North Carolina, the World Series of Comedy satellite in Providence, Rhode Island, North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival in Chapel Hill North Carolina, as well as the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival in Austin, Texas, and most recently the prestigious and industry attended Boston Comedy Festival in Boston, Massachusetts. Internationally, Liz Russo performed numerous shows at the SheDot Festival in Toronto Canada. Liz will be headlining the Charm City Comedy Festival in May of 2017 in Baltimore, Maryland, and look for her performing at the Motor City Comedy Festival in Detroit Michigan in September 2017.

Liz has featured for comedy greats as Emo Phillips, Tim Meadows, Colin Quinn, Gilbert Gottfried, Jim Norton, Jackie Martling, Dave Chappelle, Lisa Lampanelli, Rich Vos, and many talented comedy stars.

In her hometown region of Pennsylvania, Liz Russo was named by 8,000 voting readers of Lehigh Valley Style Magazine, the Best Comic of the Lehigh Valley 2016.

Liz combines sexual innuendo with her confident spin on self-deprecating humor. She draws from her personal experience as a plus size model, her struggles with weight loss, and maintaining a positive body image. She openly discusses sex, being unmarried and childless in her late 30s, and her alcoholism recovery.

Liz’s exuberant likability makes all of life and its adversities sexy, joyful, and earnestly comical. Liz has been called "adorable" and her comedy style as "hilariously self-effacing and endearing" combined with a "no-holds barred approach. Liz is an easily likeable and relatable personality with an honesty and vulnerability that allows her to entertain audiences of all kinds.

at Hartford Funny Bone
194 Buckland Hills Drive
Manchester, United States…

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All of my music is written by using a notation PC software named Score Writer, bought from Genie Soft. Every sound you heard is came from the score note instead of recording done through microphone.


First version of Score Writer was published by Cake Walk. But this version is not supporting VST instruments. The version bought from Genie Soft is in version 4 which supporting VST instruments which stands for Virtual Studio Technology. To make Score Writer to be able to use VST instruments, SynthFont VST from VSTSynFont( V1.003 ) was downloaded free into Score Write VST Plug in folder. Chaos 8Mb soundfont is also downloaded as well. The combination of SynthFont VST and Chaos 8MB soundfont is making the sound given by the musical instruments really near to the sound produced by actual musical instruments. One good example is the flute. When a note is blew for quite a long period, we may heard the sound generated is “real” like blew by human. The sound heard for the one same note is not the flat same sound for the whole period. This kind of effect could not be produced by Score Writer version 1 which is not supporting VST.


Score Writer is having the feature of panning. It is the positioning of every musical instruments in the hall. We may put the piano at left side of the hall and cello at another side of the hall. The panning is ranging from negative 64 to positive 63 and zero is representing the centre of the hall.


To make the music with reverberation, Classic Reverb is imported into Score Writer VST Plug in folder as well. Classic Reverb was downloaded free. Room size could be set in Classic Reverb which makes the produced sound like the music is really played in the hall.


Music written through score note, all musical instruments are played exactly on the beat which is impossible to be achieved by human. This could be the main problem of music which written by score notes. To resolve this, humanization on the music needs to be done. That is, some musical sound need to be played a little bit late or early compare with others. A suitable instrument is selected and the whole track of its music will be made a little bit slower compared with others( slower by a Demisemiquaver – 1/32 notes for the tempo of 110 Crotchets per minute ). When the music is having one note which played by all instruments in loud( orchestra hit ), some instruments sound will be made a little bit slower. These are my two common practices in music humanization.


After completion of the notes writing, the music then is converted into music format WAV by Score Writer’s “Record to File” function. To burn the music onto CD, music in file format WAV is required. Nero is used for this purpose by just selecting the WAV file into Nero. 


But music file in WAV format is taking up a huge memory space( about 30Mb to 60Mb for one music with length of 4 minutes ) which is not popular for on-line. The music is converted into format of MP3 where the size usually goes down to 1/10. To do this converting, Audio MID Recorder is used.


Before using Audio MID recorder to do the converting, the required format needs to be setup. The file format of the music which needs to be converted is not the concern of the recorder. This music could be in any format. It is also means that we may convert WAV file frequency 44100 in 16 bits to WAV file frequency 32000 in 8 bits. Or converting MP3 192Kbps to MP3 128Kbps. The recorder is just recording whatever heard into the required format.…

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Spectacle Island Beer Garden
Event on 2017-06-25 17:30:00
Enjoy brews from Harpoon Brewery plus classic beer garden fare, lawn games and a fire on the beach. Registration required. There’s a great new way to spend a uniquely-Boston Sunday evening with friends this summer – The Spectacle Island Beer Garden, featuring beers from the Harpoon Brewery! Sundays starting June 25th, your (plus tax) island escape includes RT transportation with Boston Harbor Cruises to Spectacle Island in Boston Harbor, classic beer garden fare from acclaimed chef Barbara Lynch and two beverage tickets. Plus, there’ll be lawn and beach games and a campfire – all with a backdrop of cool island breezes and the best views of the Boston skyline. The evening’s menu features Snap Pea Salad, Grilled Bratwurst, German Potato Salad and Harpoon's line-up of Beers. Two beers included and additional drinks are available for purchase. Boat boards at Long Wharf, Boston at 5:15 PM and departs at 5:30 sharp, with departure from Spectacle Island at 8:15.

**Find tickets here: http://www.bostonharborcruises.com/harbor-islands/spectacle-island-beer-garden/

at Spectacle Island
Boston Harbor
Boston, United States…

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Some cool red socks images:

Astros vs Red Sox 186
red socks
Image by fauxtobug

red socks: crank mob
red socks
Image by cobalt123
One of many photos taken in "Sports mode" with my Canon 40D – cyclists in the crank mob ("C.R.A.N.K. mob") event on Hollywood Boulevard, near LA. If anyone knows who the subject is, feel free to tag the photo. It was a really fun surprise to see the swarms of bicycles and riders riding with and through the heavy traffic.

Red Sox Opening Day
red socks
Image by WBUR
Super-fan Mike Schuster of Foxborough, MA displays his Red Sox pride outside Fenway Park on Tuesday, April 8, 2008. (Photo: Frannie Carr)…

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If you are looking to search Massachusetts Court Records online, you need to read this article. Court records from every state, county and city in the United States are now available online. Massachusetts Court Records – Search Massachusetts Court Records:

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It used to take weeks or even months to find court records from Massachusetts, but new technology has made this process much easier. The best way of locating Massachusetts Court Records is by using a court records website. You can search Massachusetts court records for free to see if the specific record you are looking for is available. You can then get unlimited access to court records for just $2.95 per month. Using a court records website can save you dozens of hours of time and help you find accurate court information on residents of Massachusetts. In this difficult economy, purchasing court records online is a terrific investment. Use the search button below to start looking for accurate court records now:

Court records are maintained by federal, state and local governments. These records used to be kept only as physical files, but now all court records are also stored online. You can find out court information about anyone in Massachusetts by visiting the link above and searching for that person by name. Don’t waste your time relying on the government for this information – use a Massachusetts Court Records website to help you find accurate results in minutes for a reasonable price. Click Here to Find Massachusetts Court Records in Seconds!

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The advance of technology brings lots of benefits to us. To Enjoy the New Fashion women handbags of Stars Great! Subtle women leather bags Are Revealed Last Week! Especially the emergence of computers makes our lives more convenient than ever. At the same time we enjoy the advantages of computers, our health is being threatened. Especially women, who care very much about their appearances, may suffer the vexation about gradually bad skin resulted from the radiation coming from the screen of the computer. For those who have the sensitive skin, the case is particularly serious. Some of us may find that there emerge some small poxes on the faces after we use computers for a period. The poxes not only look unpleasant, but also make us feel aching and itching sometimes. What should we do to guard against the emergence of such ugly poxes? Here are the ways. First, let us see how these poxes are formed on our faces. The various electromagnetic rays and waves produce lots of static absorbing many dirt and dust around computers. When we sit in front of computers, the dust and dirt accumulated on our faces. If we do not pay attention to the cleaning, the thick dust and dirt will block the breathing channels of the pores. There are lots of bacteria in the dust and dirt, if we don’t remove them timely, our skin may infect such bacteria. This is why we find many poxes on our faces after we use computers for a period. So in order to guard against the emergence of poxes on our faces, the important thing we must pay attention to is cleaning. Right after we use computers, be sure to clean our faces and hands carefully. Do not wait until the next day when the dust and dirt already sink into the pores which will be very difficult for us to thoroughly remove them. Use lukewarm water and add some special cleanser inside. When washing our faces, use our hands to gently rub the skin and repeat this rubbing movement for more times in the T-shape area. And then be sure to use clean towels to dry our faces. Besides cleaning, there is a special way to reduce static and radiation and thus decrease the accumulation of dust and dirt on our faces. Put a basin of cactus in front of computers. According to some specialists, the pores on Cacti close during the day and open at night. So cacti can absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen at night. In this way, cacti can effectively add anions in the air and make the air fresher, and thus reduce electromagnetic radiation. Besides, cacti can also suppress the reproduction of bacteria in the air. Fresher and cleaner air make better skin. With the methods, it will be safer for us to use computers and enjoy healthy skin without poxes.

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