Can anyone recommend a good contractor in Middlesex County (Massachusetts) that does concrete flooring?

I would like to have a 700 sq. ft. section of my basement floors done. I currently have old linoleum tiles which have to be remove because of water damage. I would like concrete flooring because I need something durable and easy to clean. Can you recommend anyone who has reasonable prices and does great work. Thanks!
There is concrete under the lenolium tiles & it is not smooth. There are a few cracks and pumpy areas.

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  • Brett I  May 31, 2010 at 2:12 pm

    so what you need is someone to overlay that floor with a thin layer of cement to make it smooth. After that if you wanted to get fancy you can stain and seal it. I Know this because i just had it done to my basement last year and I also live in ma. I can e-mail you the guys name and number if interested…

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